Saturday, July 5, 2008

F Ya, longest brick yet!

What a great weekend I am having. I love 3 day weekends and I love nice weather and I'm getting both! Thursday was a great monster workout day. I started the day off with a 5 mile run with Brock and Ilana, part of it on the track for speed work. After work is was kind of rainy so I threw my bike on the trainer and did 8 miles. Then G got home and said he wanted to bike too, so we went out and did 20. We rode up Fairmount to Gates Mill and back, lots of good hills thrown in there. Afterwards we ran about 1.5 miles. The run got cut short b/c we saw a bulldog we've been stalking and we needed to make a detour and go try to pet him. Unfortunately when we got up to him, his owner was on the cell phone and the dog was taking a shit. Foiled again. One day we will pet this bulldog.

Friday morning I woke up to the nicest weather. A little cool, sun shining, clear skies and I headed to Harper Ridge Picnic area to meet Ilana and Sara for a run. I had to do 10 miles, so I got there early and did 2 by myself. I realized very quickly I was overdressed, ugh, I had on capris and a wicking t-shirt, but I was sweating my ass off. Ilana, Sara and I did 6 mile together, then Sara and I finished up the last 2. So, a total of 10 miles. 10 very slow miles. It was a really hilly run and we were all struggling a bit. But there is nothing better than a long run with the girls. Afterwards, I ran some errands and G and I headed to his aunt's house for her annual 4th of July party. That was fun and we got to socialize with some family we don't see enough. At the end of the night, G, his mom and her boyfriend and his aunt and her husband, and I headed to Euclid high school to watch the fireworks. I could type a book on it, but long story short, some kid pulled out a paintball gun in the midst of a crowd, causing the cops to pepper spray or tear gas the crowd and the next thing we knew a stampede of kids was running towards us and a cop was chasing someone right by our blanket. It was scary, we didn't know what was going on, we didn't know if someone had been shot. The next thing I know my eyes start hurting and we start coughing. So, yeah we got pepper sprayed on the 4th. The cops caught the kid and my aunt got the story from another cop on a bike. The bad thing was that the hoodlum kids decided this was funny and stampeded 2 more times to see if they could get people to start running away. It was awful and I will never step foot in Euclid for an event ever again. Not only that mess, but the kids were so loud and disrespectful. The fireworks show was pretty good though. We got home late and sleppppttt.

So, we got going a little late this morning, but G and I biked 52 miles! Since we got started late we did this in the afternoon sun, but luckily the breeze stayed cool and it was a gorgeous day for a ride, but I have some interesting tanlines. We rode from cleveland heights into solon into hudson, into chagrin falls and back. We stopped mid way in Hudson and ate a cupcake at Main Street Cupcakes. That kicked ass! A lot of the ride was flat, but there were some killer hills. At the end getting back up from Chagrin River Road to Woodland hurt. But all in all I felt pretty good. I was done when we got home though. Yet, I threw on my running shoes and out the door I went for a 4 miler. I actually felt strong and was able to stay under a 10 min/mile the whole time! My lower back ached and I wish I had taken some aspirin at some point on the bike. Overall I give todays brick an A! I felt strong the majority of the day. Nutrition wise, I started the day with a PBJ sandwich, I had 2 GUs on the bike, one at 15, one at 45, with the cupckae in middle, along with a water bottle with 2 scoops of carbo pro in it. For the run, I put another scoop of carbopro in my bottle. I think I could have used 1 more Gu on the bike.


Trishie said...

Damn, Monica, great workouts!! Nice run and ride today :) Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

DaisyDuc said...

Sounds like you did get in some great workouts! Awesome job!

tracie said...

great job with all the workouts!!! i saw you and g on saturday as you were heading back to the heights, you both looked strong!! :)

Tea said...

WOW! Great workouts!

And I think cupcakes are the perfect fuel for a bike!

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