Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I worked from home today b/c Taiko is really sick. My poor baby has shar pei fever, which is a disorder, obviously just for shar peis. Mushi has never had it and usually if it is something they are going to have, they get it young. It's basically a really high fever and swelling in their legs, also referred to as swollen hock syndrome. He seems to be doing a bit better, but his fever has been so stinking high. I feel so bad for him....

Sara and I went to see Mamma Mia last night. Great flick. It was a lot of fun. I give it 2 thumbs up. I ran 3 miles today and was really struggling in the humidity. I was going to go out and run a few more, but now I am thinking I might just skip it! I have done a ton of housework today to prep for my sister/BIL staying with me this weekend and us having a party. I scrubbed the front porch, mopped the second floor, did like 20 loads of laundry which requires trips down the basement stairs, I put a new couch cover on our coach, dusted the windows and rehung some curtains, made 2 beds and scrubbed one bathroom. So, that other 3 miles just might not be happening! I do plan to swim in the morning though and ride my bike a bit in the evening. I have been so bad with the bike lately. I haven't been on it in....yikes 9 days! I was doing so well with 60-100 mile bike weeks, but now...0.0. Uh oh.


Just Josh Funk said...

I hope Taiko feels better soon!

Mike said...

Wow, quite the day! I hope Taiko is feeling better today.

tracie said...

awwww Tai!!!! lots of get well love from me to Tai! :)

MAJ said...

God I miss running. I liked Mamma Mia too - almost as good as it was on Broadway!

I hope the furkid feels better soon.

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