Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey there's a bandaid! And there, a clump of hair!

Lovely morning swim at the JCC. I had a real problem getting out of bed this morning. I can't even explain the issues I am having lately with my morning workouts. I cannot seem to get enough sleep. I have always been a morning person, but for 3 weeks now I wake up in a fog and let me tell you, it sucks, it sucks butt. But I made myself go this morning as I haven't swam in....drumroll please....3 weeks. The pool was nice and warm and it is so nice to see the sky as you turn to breath. But oohhh the junk on the bottom of the pool. So, I got my butt in the pool and I swam a mile and I kept my flippers on for most of it and I sucked. Wow, how many times can I say suck in one blog? Suck it! But I did manage to swim 300 straight with no fins or pull buoy. I decided I will stick with 1600 yards for a few weeks until I am swimming 2-3 times consistently a week, then work on getting one of those back up to around 3000 probably through a masters class.

Last night G and I had a nice bike ride, but it was obvious that it had been 2 weeks since I had been on my bike. I was having a severe tummy issue, but solidered through and was happy to have 20 miles under my belt. We were supposed to bike on Monday, but moved it to Tuesday night. Monday night we went and saw Wall E, it was great, you should really check it out.


tracie said...

great job with the swim lady!!! :)

Dan Seifring said...

Nice job getting to the pool. And after a night of biking no less.

Just Josh Funk said...

I saw Wall E and I thought it sucked. I'm just kidding. I just wanted to find a way to say suck, too. I actually thought it was really cute. It's kind of like the ET for Generation Next - or whatever they call themselves these days.

Good luck on alleviating that morning fogginess. Maybe you're body is trying to tell you to slow down (or suck it) - with all those tummy issues and such. Just a thought. It seems like you're always ripping and running and swimming. I guess it's the life of an athelete.

Love you Girl!

Love you, Gurl!

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