Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to the grindstone

Well now that the messy business of a holiday is over, it is time to get back on plan. I hope that someday I am the type of person who has the willpower to not let a holiday derail me for days on end, but alas, I am not that person now! But instead of beating myself up for eating too much and excercising too little, I will do something different and JUST MOVE ON. We did have fun. My sister and bro in law cooked T-day and everything was really delicious. Tina is an awesome cook. They made a smoked turkey and a brined turkey. Yum. Tina and I got up early on Black Friday and went shopping. I normally never go for that sort of thing, I hate shopping on normal days and hate crowds. But Old Navy had their cashmere sweaters on sale for $40, so we braved the crowd and hit up Old Navy and Kohls. I got a few Xmas gifts taken care of and saved some money. It really wasn’t that bad, the lines were long, but it’s not like people were elbowing and pushing you out of the way. The sales, aside from the sweater, were nothing too amazing. Saturday Gary, Tina and I went for a nice hike. When we arrived a black dog met us at the trail head and stayed with us the whole hike. It was pretty funny. We played board games on Friday night and we had so much fun we did it again on Sat! Battle of the Sexes and Pop Five were our games of choice. I love me some board games!

I slept in this morning and it was much needed. We didn’t sleep very well at my parents house due to the dogs being on edge and moving around all night and barking every time they heard any little noise and a bad mattress. So, I fell asleep at 9 last night! And then when my alarm went off at 5:15 am as a signal to get my butt to spinning class, I turned it off and slept until 7:30! Oh well. Tonight I will go swimming and get back on the exercise horse. I have only run a measly 6 miles since the virtual tri started. Hopefully I can get in some 2- a days and make up for it. I am thinking I want to run 15-17 miles next Sunday, so that will help!

It is so hard come back to work after a break. Someone get me out of here, I would much rather be at home snuggling with Mushi and Tai. I was thiiiis close to calling in sick this morning. But there is plenty to do, so hopefully the day will move quickly. I honestly don’t feel well at all. My stomach hurts, and so does my head. I just want to go home and sleep, but I am going to try and be upbeat and happy to be at work. Yeah right.

Hope all my bloggy friends had wonderful holidays! We have a lot to be thankful for.


tracie said...

I second the calling in sick! Do you want to do yoga and a swim on Tuesday pm maybe? Let me know! :)

Welcome back!

tracie said...

Plans for sat sound good to me! :)

Oh when do we have to have the bookclub book finished???

Joshua Middleton said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! Only a few hours left till quittin' time, you're a trooper - you can do it!!!

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