Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Half day Wednesday!

Yeah, I only have to work for 3 more hours and I can get out of here and hopefully forget about work for 4 long days!!!!! Highly doubtful b/c work is very stressful right now and it's been causing me to lose sleep and grind my jaws, joy. I love sleeping in a mouth guard!

Anywho. I got up this morning and went to spinning. Wednesday's teacher is the guy I wrote about before who likes to throw out all kinds of obscure quotes and references. Today we learned about why a cross country skiing marathon is 33K. It's b/c in 1260 the king was a baby of 8 months old and the village was being attacked, with the intention of killing the baby, so his guards got on skiis and skiied to a nieghboring town that was 33K away. Okay. So, we had to play along and pretend like we had 12 lbs of baby strapped on our back and climb up a mountain. Very challenging today, my legs were really giving out on me. I guess they are still worn out from Sunday.

I am already packed, so I just have to zip home, load the hubby and dogs into the car and go! I soooo hope it doesn't rain the whole way. While I am home I plan to run each day. My goal is 30 miles this week, I have 17.5 done. The CTC virtual triathlon starts Friday, I am excited for it. I think it will be very motivating. It's basically a 3 months contest where you accumulate points for every mile ran, lap swimmed and min/mile biked. Should be fun! I will try to come out of the gate strong by running 10 miles on Friday!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Joshua Middleton said...

Have an awesome trip home. I'm sure it will be great to get back and see the family again. Where will you run in Danville, around a track or something??

Your spin teacher sounds like a lot of fun. I think i would take that class just for the history lesson alone!

Happy Thanksgiving!


E-Speed said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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