Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oops I did it again

So, I got up this morning, saw that it was raining and went back to sleep. Bad monica. I am not going to melt, I have run in the rain. So, I have been beating myself up all day. I hate missing longish runs, that 6 miles I didn't get done and 6 miles I don't feel like doing tonight b/c I really want to go to yoga. I know that I get really mad just b/c I am trying to lose weight, but I really believe that you can excercise all you want, but losing weight is 80% about the food you eat. I have read that many times before and believe it b/c I excercise a lot, yet I'm still 10 lbs overweight. Why - b/c I put crap in my mouth. I sooooo want to be that person who eats healthy whole foods, shuns preservatives and candy and I am about 70% of the time, but it's just not good enough. I said awhile back I was swearing off sugar and that only lasted 4 days! I am going to give it another go starting the day after thanksgiving. A long time ago, I lost a good amount of weight and got to 120 by pretty much cutting out all refined crap, so I know it works. But I just have never been able to get it right again. I don't have a lot of willpower and it stinks. I'm just crabby today and pissed off. It's been way too long since I was happy with where my weight was, yet I can't seem to get motivated to really do anything about it. I'm having a self loathing day bloggy friends. Back on the horse, today's eating has been pretty good and I will keep trying. I am going to splurge on T-day, but T-day only, no eating half a pumpkin pie the next day!

Tara - wondertwins reunite. Let's do this.

So - here's what I need to do. Here's my plan. 120 here I come. Dear old pants in the closet, we will be reunited :)

#1 - prepare. If I take the time to pack food for work the night before I always do so much better! Only eat what is in my bag, no VENDING MACHINE, no eating the office goodies
#2 - put down the cereal. You don't need it or those chips. Get back to the days where you never ate anything carby food aside from brown rice and whole grain bread.
#3 - Get the miles back up there, there is no excuse (aside from injury) for not running at least 20 miles in a week
#4 - Quit eating after dinner. If you must eat, have a 100 calorie bag of popcorn or some frozen berries.
#5 - Eat the majority of my carbs at the beginning of the day and don't have any (aside from veggie or fruit carbs) with dinner
#6 - Sugar = devil - I know I don't react well to sugar, so how about I quit eating all those fucking sweet tarts on Amy's desk


tracie said...

damn sweet tarts!!!

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