Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mushi

Wooooheeee, had a great spinning class this morning and then we did abs afterwards. I’m going to be sore tomorrow. The gal that teaches the 6am classes on Mon & Fri is the best, she’s a great teacher, but I cannot even express to you how much I loathe her music choices. Today, she played all broadway. Now, please understand, I love theatre, I love going to plays, but I do not want to spin to freaking Dreamgirls. I mean really, how motivating is that? And she’s really big on Bruce Springsteen and I have this huge aversion to him. I would go as far as to say – I hate Bruce Springsteen – yeah you heard me right. I hate his voice, I hate his songs, I hate his rambling speeches during songs, I hate his bandana, I hate his torn jeans, I just hate pretty much everything about him. So, I just cringe when Born to Run comes on. She plays Michael McDonald some days too. How about some black eyed peas, some timberland, some Justin T? Something fun and funky and fast. Not Grease Lightning. Rant over.

Ilana joined me. We run together, but she hasn’t been spinning for awhile, so it was nice to have her company. Then I treated myself to a soy latte to start my diet over today. I love a good latte after a hard workout.

I am excited for this weekend. A group of my favorite ladies are running the Pigskin Classic tomorrow and Sunday is my last HM of the year!

Last night Gary and I went to yoga and it was a GREAT class. I love the guy who teaches on Thursday night. Afterwards we went and got Mushi a new bone for his birthday. If you have dogs and your dog doesn't have a nyla bone, you are missing out. Go get one, they are a little pricey, but last a really long time and dogs love them. Mine chew theirs for hours a day and it's really good for their teeth. So Happy Birthday Mushi. He is one of the best things to ever come into my life, a real lover of a dog, he loves to give hugs, he loves to give you a big kiss right on the mouth, he loves to put his head on your pillow and snore right in your face. He is a clown and delights us everyday. We got him right around Thanksgiving 3 years ago from the Cuyahoga COunty Kennel, after G saw him on the news in Dick Goddard's segment. He was about a year old when we got him, so Mushman is about 4. Here are a few pictures of our Mushi, enjoy.


tracie said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuu, happy birthday dear Mushi, happy birthday to you!

Soooo much fun! Did Mushi get an extra walk too?

Joshua Middleton said...

And I am telling you.... Iiii'm not going!!!!!

I can't believe she plays dreamgirls during spin class. Gross!

Cute pictures, happy birthday Mushi!!!

Dan Seifring said...

Love the dogs. I have to try that bone on my St. Bernard she goes through bones very fast.

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