Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Clip in and Fall down!

Alright ladies and gents, I made my triumphant return to spinning class this morning! I am ashamed to even figure out how long it has been since I went to spinning! This summer I rode my bike outside a ton while training for the MS 150 which was in August. Every weekend from June to August we were riding almost 50-75 miles; but I haven’t been biking since! Soooo bad. So, my goal is to make it to spinning 2-3 times per week from here on out. Spinning is awesome for my quads and they are in really bad shape right now.

The Wed teacher is such a trip. He’s like this really fanatical bike guy who is crazy smart. He’s always throwing out all these weird comments. Like today we listened to all classical music. And the opening song was something called Bolero, which I have never heard of. But he acted like we have all of course heard of it and was telling us all these facts about the song. He’s quite entertaining and I love how much he LOVES to teach the classes, you can tell that he puts a ridiculous amount of work into planning them. The class was tough and I was smoked after about 45 mins b/c we did basically all hills.

I bought clip shoes for spinning about a year ago and I have never been able to figure out how to get clipped in. Isn’t that embarrassing? I wear them and always try try try at the beginning of class, but feel so stupid, I always give us. I have asked for help a few times, but no one in class has ever been very helpful about it. One time only I got one shoe clipped in. It stinks. I don’t know if it’s the shoes or what. But I ordered the shoes off of ebay and they are a bit too big, so I need new ones anyway and I will make sure to get some that work with my spin bike and my road bike. I don’t have clip pedals on my road bike and am SCARED to death to put them on, but will. I know it will make me go faster. When I did the MS 150 I averaged about 18 miles an hour, which really isn’t that fast, but as a beginner I felt good about that speed.

It was snowing and nasty last night after work and Gary had dinner made for me when I got home from the dentist, so I didn’t make it to the gym! For shame! Oh well, we are going tonight, no excuses and hopefully my snorkel from swimoutlet will be waiting for me after work!

PS - and since Josh asked - on Tuesdays I don't eat before my run b/c it's short, on Thurs for the 6 miler I do eat usually a banana with a little PB. If it's an evening run I will eat before. I go to bed at 10pm most nights! Although I have been know to fall asleep at 9! Or stay up until 11 b/c the tv show I Love New York is just too addicting.


Joshua Middleton said...

Thanks for answering my questions.

I can't believe your fellow, rude spinners won't show you how to clip it.

Clip it good!


P.S. Stay tuned to a shout-out on my blog in the next few days!!

Dan Seifring said...

WOW 18 mph on that long of a ride without clipless pedals is great. You will only get faster.

I did fall the first time with the clipless. OK I fell the 2nd time as well.

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