Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Countdown to holiday

Good morning Bloggy friends. Still feeling triumphant after my great Sunday race!!! I slept in yesterday; I am always whipped after long runs. Came to work, which is such a downer right now! Then after work I hit the pool. I was really proud of myself b/c I didn’t want to go…at….all. I kept trying to talk myself out of it, but ended up going. And you know what? For the first time it felt okay. I felt like I was swimming well, and that I could have swam for more than a half hour. Some guy even told me I was a fast swimmer, who knew! I did 12 laps and tried not to stop for more than 5 seconds at the end of a length and would then rest for 15-30 between laps. It felt pretty good. I have been swimming with a float belt on, which is probably bad, but I just feel like I need it right now. I think I will let myself use it until December and then start trying to swim without it.

This morning I met Brock and we ran 4.25, nice and slow. My calves are still really tender from Sunday. Once again I was dealing with dreaded GI issues this morning. I hate that and wish I could figure out a way around it. I have tried getting up earlier to give my body more time, but it doesn’t help. By the time I am done running, I really have to go if you get my drift! Maybe I need to get up early and run around my block before I go meet people for my real run….hmmm…maybe I’ll try that next time. Runners– isn’t it amazing the things you end up talking about with other runners? Only runners would blog about their pooping habits.

Tonight I might go to yoga. I want to go, but have a lot to do tonight. We are heading home to KY to visit my family for Turkey day. We’ll be making the trek with the pups, so there is a lot to prep and pack. But if I go to yoga, the class is 6-7:30, so I’ll be gone 5:40-7:50….then I’ll need to walk the dogs and clean the house. I’ll have to see how the day goes. I need to go out on lunch and pick up cat food, but have a work call from 11:30-12:30 which might take even longer. Boo. I will get out of work at 3 tomorrow and I took Friday off. I am looking forward to a long weekend. I hope I can eat like a normal person while I am home. I am finally seeing a downward trend on the scale and hope to not gain everything back while I am home! I am going to try and run 30 miles this week (16.5 down) to conteract all the grub.


Joshua Middleton said...

You crack me up. Maybe you could drink coffee before your run, that always makes me go!! and would give you an extra KICK of engery. I don't know much about running though, so that could be a bad idea.. I tried!

B Bop said...

The floatie thing isn't bad to use to give you a feel for what it feels like to stay "on top" of the water, IMO. The book "total immersion" has been recommended by many a triathlete to newbie swimmers.

Joshua's idea isn't too bad. I love my morning coffee.....even on race day. Keep experimenting :-)

tracie said...

have fun in KY!!!! drive safely! kisses to mushi and tai!

geekrunner said...

short runs (8 or shorter) i just hold it in.....long runs, i get up extra early drink a cup of coffee and putter around until i poop!

I love being a runner!!! :) Have a great thanksgiving, mon!

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