Sunday, November 4, 2007

Murray Trail Inland Half marathon -

Well today was a craptacular half marathon! I had such high hopes. I got up early and had all of my stuff already set out. I drove the hour to Elyria and had plenty of time to spare. Got my chip and my number and sat down to talk with my co-worker who was also running. All was well. It was a point to point race, so they loaded us into a bus and took us to the start. It was COLD. I had on 2 long sleeve tech shirts and pants, as well as an ear warmer. I started off pretty strong and managed to keep it around 8:30 - 9 min miles for the first 5K, but then it just all sort of fell apart. Everything hurt, I got a side stitch, then I had to go to the bathroom, then my neck hurt, then my arm, and on and on. It was just one of those runs where you wanted it to be over and everything part of your body ached. My calves cramped up. Around mile 9, I was really struggling and these 2 nice girls cheered me on. I ended up finishing in 2:06 and change. Not the under 2 hour goal I had, but considering how bad I felt I'll take it! I kept coughing afterwards and it hurt sooo bad, my lungs are just now feeling better.
When I got home Gary and I went to brunch (first watch - yummy egg white omlete and potatoes!). Then we walked the dogs around one of the shaker lakes, here are some photos from our nice family walk! Enjoyl


Joshua Middleton said...

That doesn't sound very fun! You nearly made your goal though - great job. The pictures are cute - you guys look cold! It hasn't been that cold here in Philly yet. Holla!

Jane said...

Those are some wrinkly dogs! Wonder what they'd look like if their skin what stretched out...

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