Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some thoughts on my ever expanding waistline

Oh I don’t want to blog today b/c I have been bad, bad I tell you! Yesterdays eating was horrid at best. I skipped my swim last night and slept through my morning runL I am super peeved, but trying not to let it get me down. I made the tragic mistake of stepping on the scale this morning and it’s official, I am 15 lbs heavier than I want to be! Not good. In order to get faster and be a better athlete I have to lose some weight. I am a small person – 5’2 – and I just basically eat constantly, I know I take in way more calories than I should. I’m on a diet ya’ll (said in my best Britney impression), wish me luck. I think I am going to try and eat as close to the abs diet as possible and allow myself 1 cheat meal a week which will allow for the holidays.

Mini goals
Be 130 by Dec 1
Be 125 by Jan 15
Be 120 by Mar 15

I know what I need to do. My eating has just literally been out of control for over a year, it’s like I eat 100% wonderfully healthy and then 100% horribly bad, I’m a woman of extremes. Maybe the cheat meal will work for me. I start today and my first cheat meal will be next weekend. I need a week of clean eating under my belt before I “cheat”. I have cut out diet soda and almost cut out splenda, but need to keep working on that. I’ll weigh in on Fridays and report here. I know no one really cares what I weigh, but it is part of my training and this is my blog! So, I want to keep track of this. It’s more mental for me than anything, so I just need to learn to control my mouth once and for all! Guess there will be no more beer for awhile! I got a little notebook and will write everything down.


Joshua Middleton said...

I don't see how you can be heavier than you want to be with all that working out! I think you look great, but that's just me!

What is it that you eat when you eat bad? Chips and stuff like that? I'd say if you cut out soda you'll be well on your way to your goal. That stuff is baaaaaad.

Good luck!


E-Speed said...

good luck. I cut out alcohol for a few months at the beginning of the year, switched to tea instead of coffee (I like some coffee with my sugar) and just tried to keep my workouts normal and I got down to my ideal weight pretty quickly. Lately I have been trying to eat at least one fruit a day, usually 3 and just focus on listening to my cravings. I am down a few more pounds even though I am not really trying to be, this may involve adding weights into my routine, who knows.

I am sure you will get to where you want to me! It's hard not to when you train for tris!

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