Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cross training Sunday

Sooooo today I got 2 good workouts in. I met some folks (Sara, Ilana, Abbie, Sherri & Chris( at 9am at Shadow Lane picnic area and we ran 8 miles towards Bedford Reservation. It was a very nice crisp day and the run was very challenging. It was basically all rolling hills. By the time we got back to the cars I was ready to be done. We ran 4 miles out and turned around and were pretty much running into the wind the whole way back and it got really cold! Averaged a 9:49 pace. Must get faster!

Afterwards Sara and I had coffee and had a nice chat as alwasy. I count my lucky stars that I met Sara, she's the best. We are only friend b/c she happened to see my walking Mushi and she pulled over in her car to talk to me b/c she had just had to put her black shar pei to sleep and was surprised to see someone else to be walking one. We exchanged numbers, then I found a shar pei running in the middle of a snow storm, brought her home, dubbed her Deliah, showed her to Sara and her hubby John, they adopted her and the rest is history.

After coffee talk, I went to the pool and did some laps. I consider this my first real swimming workout. It is humbling how hard swimming is for me, it kills me, but then again I just need to remember how hard running was for me when I started it 2 years ago. I did 2 laps with a kickboard, then 10 laps freestyle, then 2 laps to cool down on my back. It took me 30 mins, I pretty much stopped at the end of each lenght of the pool. If anyone has any good tips on how to get the breathing down let me know.

I made a pot roast with root vegetables for dinner and it simmered all day. I freaking love CROCK POTS. Gary and I just played 3 rounds of scrabble. It is amazing how stupid scrabble can make you feel. I think out of 3 rounds we only got like 4 words with more than 4 letters that wasn't a plural! Gary won 2 rounds, boooo. Oh well. I'll get him next time.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off of work! I am super pumped, but I actually have 2 conference calls that I can't miss, so I have to deal with those and a few other things I need to do, so I think I will only log a half day off of work


Joshua Middleton said...

I have been without internet for a few days, but am glad to get caught up again with your posts!!

Sounds like a fun night with crock pots and scrabble. I didn't know you were such a cook!

Do you ever watch Chelsea Lately on E!? She doesn't really look like you, or even act like you - but for some reason everytime I watch her I am reminded of you. She's pretty funny, you should check her out.

Have a good'un!


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