Friday, November 2, 2007

Slow, Fat, Triathlete

I’m reading a book called Slow, Fat, Triathlete, it’s pretty good and pretty humorous. It’s about a gal, who at 35 and 220 lbs, decided to train for a tri. It’s all very tongue and cheek, but really informative too. There is so much I need to learn and unfortunately buy! Wet suit, clipless pedals for my bike, more bike shorts, a decent swimsuit or two and the list goes on. I have all the necessities though.

The Cleveland tri club has a members meeting on November 9th and I am going to attend. I hope to become very involved in that group. For me working out is a very social thing. I very rarely work out alone. Last night I walked with my neighbor Kelly, this morning I met my friend Ilana to lift weights, I run with various people several times a week. I used to be a big drinker and pretty much lived at the bar I worked at in college. Exercise is now my social outlet and I’m sure I’m much better off now!

So, Ilana and I lifted this morning. I pulled a workout from a book called The 12 week triathlete, it has several workout plans for multi sport athletes that target each muscle group in a short span of time – we did 2 sets of the following – chest press, one arm row, shoulder press, bicep curl, tri row, lunges, squats against the wall with a resistance ball behind out back, hamstring curls, calf raises and toe lifts (sit down, put a heavy weight on your toe and lift – sounds easy, but you feel it). Then some ab work on the Bosu. Took about 40 mins in all. I checked out the pool and it looks pretty empty in the morning, at least today.

Swimming is a big question mark for me. I used to be a great swimmer, but that was when I was like 12. I got back in the pool this summer and was stunned at how bad I was! My friend Erin swims a lot though and gave me some pointers. I am going to hit the pool using a pull buoy for awhile. It’s this foam thing you put between your legs that keeps you back half in the right position and you basically just swim with your arms. It helps you correct your stroke. I just don’t know when I am going to fit the swimming in. There are so many workouts I want to do, but where it the time, ideally, here is how I would like my weekly workouts to be structured:

Sunday – Long run – 8-15 miles
Monday – sleep in, light swim or weights in the evening or rest
Tuesday – AM run 3-5 miles followed by abs at home, PM yoga class if I have time
Wed – AM Spin class, PM swim
Thurs – AM run 6 miles, PM weights at home or yoga
Fri – rest or weights or AM spin
Sat – Bike/Yoga/Swim – maybe not all 3, but it would be nice!

The goal is basically to get in 3 runs, 2 swims and 1 spin and 2 weight sessions. Yoga is just a plus and something I enjoy. I will of course have one rest day. Looking at that schedule I know if sounds crazy, but aside from the long runs, I really don’t burn many calories running anymore. I really just want to get into the habit of getting my major workouts out of the way in the morning and then doing a workout in the pm too. I mean why not? I spend 8 hours sitting at a desk, if I work out 2 hours a day, that still leaves me 14 hours to whatever else I need to do. It’s just getting into the habit!

I am so happy it’s Friday. Guess I better work, boooo! Bye for now.


Joshua Middleton said...

Love that picture! It's nice to know you at least give yourself one day of rest - geez! I admire your dedication, though, it's cool that you are doing something you enjoy - and it's much healthier than the bar stool!

Get in that pool, I'm sure after a few laps it will all come back like second nature.

Have a good weekend!

Charlie said...

Nice Blog. I look forward to following your training.
I believe the runner(1155) next to you was once my sister in law.

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