Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sugar is evil

I’ve decided that sugar is the devil. Well I decided this a long time ago, but still continue to eat it and make myself sick! Yesterday I definitely had too much candy and today I feel like crap. Why do I put things in my body that make me feel like crap!?! So, I am swearing off sweets until Thanksgiving. For the next 22 days, no junk food is passing these lips! You hear me! Ugh, such a sugar coma today. We got a lot of tricker treaters, best costume was a toddler dressed like an elephant. Too cute. A group of middle school aged girls walked by me wen I was walking the dog and told me they were playboy bunnies, so sad. I said – does your mom know! And the mom following behind, said – yes! LOL. Woops. I guess I dressed like a little skank too when I was in middle school, but at least we pretended we were dressed like rock chicks, not people who pose naked for a living!

So, due to the sugar coma, I slept through my morning run! Woops, not the best way to start my training. I would run tonight, but I already have a date with my neighbor to walk 4 miles. So, that will be the exercise for today. Tomorrow I lift weights with my friend Ilana. Sat, I have a long walk planned with Becca and yoga class. Sunday I have a half marathon. I really excited for that. I really want to get in under 2 hours. My best time so far was 2:02. My last half was the Akron one in Sept and I was really sick that day, horrible cold, but boy did I run fast, but I crashed the last 3 miles and finished in 2:04. But up until those last 3 miles I was on target to finish a few minutes under 2 hour. Boo. So, hopefully I can redeem myself on Sunday! If not, I have another chance on the 18th, then no more halves this year.


Joshua Middleton said...

I know what you mean about sugar - it makes me feel like crap almost instantly, too! It is hard to give up though, so good luck! I think it's awesome that you have so many people to work out with. I'm sure that helps get you motivated.


Amanda said...

Hey Monica, it's me Amanda... Just wanted to say hi and wish you luck with all of this. I've become friends with this girl/woman who is a grad student at MSU and she's basically good enough to make it to the olympics - she came in 7th in the Detroit Marathon two weekends ago, she's astounding. Anyway, my point is getting to know her has really shown me just how much goes into that kind of training - she's AMAZINGLY dedicated and I think that's just the only way to get seriously good results. So. Go for it! This is exciting and I think it's really cool you're going to be writing about all of this and everything.

On a totally other note - I'd love love love to get together and walk and talk sometime. I am going to call you once I know for sure my schedule for next week - maybe we could fit in a few moments together. I really miss you, really regret losing touch with you, and REALLY NEED SOME GIRLFRIENDLY ADVICE on my current dating a married man situation. Bah.

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