Saturday, November 3, 2007

Swim session #1

Well I got up early and met Becca to walk Mushi and Bronson. Tai was really sad that he wasn't invited along, so after Mushi's hour walk, I went back out with Tai and went on a short job with him. He loves to jog, but is super beefy and can't go for very long. So, once the dogs were thoroughly worn out, I put on my swimsuit and dragged myself to the pool for my first official swim. Ummmm, not so good. I forgot my goggles, so bought some at the gym and they were the worst. I had water in my eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Despite wearing goggles, a nose clip and ear plugs! It just sucked and I was only in the pool for about 20 mins. I think I did like 5 laps. Oh well, better than nothing. I saw a guy wearing a freestyle snorkle and I might get one. I just can't decide if I need to suck it up and learn everything at once, or if it would be beneficial to use the snorkle and get really good at freestyle and the timing of the stroke and then incorporate breathing into it? It's the breathing that I am bad at, not the movement of arms and legs all together. Something to think about...

Oh well, I must go to the grocery and to get some needles from the pharmacy to give my dog his allergy shot. Ta ta.


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