Saturday, January 26, 2008

Buckeye Winter Trail Half Mary

Well I made it through my run today! It was a tough one. I can't even imagine how the folks that did the marathon or the 50K (Espeed and Daisy Duc!) did it. I was done at the end of those 13.1 miles. So, I started the day off early - my alarm blared at 5 am and I bounced out of bed. I made myself some PB oatmeal and coffee and waited for nature to take its course. Then I met Abbie and 6 and we drove 20 mins south to the Boston Store off of the towpath. The course was 2 loops, one was 8 miles, the other was 5. There were 253 total runners and everyone gathered in the heated garage and listened to the instructions and then we went outside and Tanya blew the whistle and we were off! HMs went in the direction of the 8 mile loop and the rest of the runners went towards the 5 mile loop. I'd say about 100-120 seemed to be doing the HM. We started off on the towpath, but almost immediately headed right up to the Buckeye trail. From that point, it was seriously just huge hill after huge hill. Up one, down another. I was relieved that most everyone walked up the gigantic hills. Abbie and I managed to stay together for about 6 miles, but then I had to bend down and tie my shoe and about 5 people got between us. So, we got seperated. My stomach starting kicking at me around mile 4 and I was so pissed off. I struggled with tummy troubles until I got done with the first 8 miles at which point I hit the loo and did my thing and felt a bit better. I headed back on the towpath over to the 5 mile loop. The 5 miler seemed like nothing comparted to the 8 miler, but it had 2 big hills with stairs you had to get up. I'd give the course an 9/10 on challenge. It was just tough and I didn't have a great run. My legs felt heavy and so did I! This race really made me realize that I had to lose some weight. I was basically the only Athena there. But I got through it in 2:38. Considering I stopped at 2 stops to eat and drink and went to the bathroom, I am pretty happy with the time. I think Abbie finished about 10 mins ahead of me. The cold wasn't too bad. I forgot about it after a mile or so. I didn't overdress, thank goodness and we got these really great Brooks jackets when we finished. It made it worth the $55 entry fee! I will definately do this one year after year and I'm sure it will continue to kick my butt! My legs are going to be SORE tomorrow.

Gary and I have done some grocery shopping and made a pitstop at Target. Now we are going to lie down and watch License to Wed. I love me some Jim from The Office!

Have a great Sat bloggy friends.


tracie said...

Way to go with the race!!!!

Brian said...

Nice job. too bad you couldn't stick around there were a bunch of people at the winking lizard.

triguyjt said...

congrats on it monica.. i was thinking about all you trail racers this am...

way to go...

Joshua Middleton said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a tough course.

I don't see how you do it, but I'm proud of your success!


Kim said...

BT50K is a tough trail run. Now you are ready for the summer version!!

Papa Louie said...

Great job on running a tough race!

E-Speed said...

great job girl! You certainly don't look like an Athena to me. You looked great out there!

B Bop said...

Well done Monica!!!

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