Friday, January 18, 2008

Couch Shit Friday

If you don’t have sitemeter ( on your blog, you should really add it, it’s pretty funny to see how people end up at your blog. For instance, some of the google searches that have brought people to my blog in the last week are – “Jocking on your bitch ass”, “The 12 week triathlete”, “Flying Pig” and “Great white sharks, Big Sur”. Also some people as far away as New Zealand and South Africa have checked out my blog, awesome. Now if I could just write some meaningful content!

I have had a really bad week at work, so I am so glad it's Friday. Just several angry client situations and then I lost my frigging receipts for an expense report, one of which was for a $200+ client dinner. I am hoping, praying that the restaurant's will reprint me receipts. I have a call out to the 3 places, but none have told me for sure they can or will do it yet. I'm sure I can still get the expenses paid b/c they are on my corp card, but I don't want to look so irresponsible. Then I sent an email to a higher up that I wish I hadn't. Although it's turned out okay. Sigh, just a lot of stupid mistakes this week and I need a nice long weekend. Then I woke up to find out that one of the cats had shit on the couch! We had a real issue last year where I honestly thought I might have to rehome my cats b/c they kept going to the bathroom on the couch, but after several rounds of antibiotics and all new litter boxes they came around and we haven't had any incidents in months. Then this morning - SHIT! And it makes it worse when G finds it b/c he hates the cats anyway. Sigh. Why on the couch? Although to look on the bright side, shit is a lot easier to clean up than pee. EVIL CATS.

Last night I did my first ever tempo/speedwork run. It was cold as a witches tit out, but I decided to pound the pavement instead of drudging it out on the treadmill. 3 miles is about all I can stand on the treadmill. My plan called for 5 miles, 1 mile warmup, 3 @ 8:52, 1 mile cool down. I found that I had a hard time staying in the 8:50 range, I tended to go back and forth between 8:30 and 9:07. For whatever reason, those were the paces I kept seeing. But it felt good to push myself. I never push myself that hard unless I am in a 5K race. I started doing races in March of 2006. So, I have 2 years of road races under my belt. In that time I have gone from a solid 10 min miler to under 9 min miles in the 5K. I wonder if this year I might see myself get under 8 mins? That would be so awesome. I was able to maintain the 8:30 pace pretty well. My legs were pretty tired from the cycling class, I will definitely space things out better next week. I want to make sure my legs have a day off before speedwork so that I can really perform at my best. Doing an excel class the day before gave me dead legs. Next weeks speedwork in done at 8:22 for 2 miles with 800 jogs in between. OOH and I just realized that next week is the trail half! Oh I wonder what the weather will be like. I hope it’s either frozen solid or dry out, it’s going to be so muddy if it’s not.

I am excited for the weekend. I have a 10 mile group run tomorrow morning and will hit the pool for at least 800 yds. Sat night we’re going to the Improv with some friends. Sunday I have a 5 mile recovery run and will hit the pool for another 1000 yds to make up for my lack of swimming this week. We are also going to go see Cloverfield on Sun. I am looking forward to that. Maybe brunch at Lucky’s in Tremont on Monday. I love long weekends!


Joshua Middleton said...

Looks like you're in definite need of a long weekend! It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned to take your mind off some of the annoyances over the week.

I have sitemeter, but how do you find out what google searches bring people to your site, and where they come from?? Maybe I'm not looking at my report good enough. Is that where you find it??

Have a great rest of the day!

Tri to Be Funny said...

It's amazing how your mood seemed to improve when you talked about your training and your weekend. Sounds like you have great balance! It may have been a shitty work week, but you have made it through...Enjoy the weekend!

DaisyDuc said...

You kill shittin on the couch :-) My cat would be soo gone if my husband found it!

I am not sure what group you are running with tomorrow but we are also doing 10 starting at 8 AM. Feel free to join us for breakfsat at Fishers afterwards if interested.

Brian said...

We came home from vacation and our house smelled. Damn cat pissed all over. He likes to go outside even in this cold weather. I can't blame him I'm the same way.

triguyjt said...


you are the first woman I know that used the phrase cold as a witches ***..hilarious...

i will check into the sitemeter thingy...
have a good one.

Brian said...

Dam you jinxed me. My cat that never poops anywhere but outside and hit litter boxes left me a present while I was on the treamill. Luckily it was only a throw rug. I washed it but it might get thrown to the curb. I hate cats. I guess next time if he really wants to go outside and it's single digits, I'll let him.

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