Sunday, January 20, 2008
Happy Sunday Bloggy Friends. We have been hit with some serious snow here in C-land. When I went to bed last night there was maybe a half an inch of snow on the ground and this morning in Cleveland Heights (for you non clevelanders - we tend to get more snow than the west side b/c of the"lake effect", we also tend to have more children b/c of the "lake effect") we have about 3-4 inches, thick and fluffy. So, what am I going to do? Go run of course! Although it is like 3 degrees wind chill so I don't know if I'll get all 5 in, we'll see. Right now I am drinking some coffee and waiting for my body to work things out, if you catch my drift (if not, I mean I need to poop). So drinking some coffee and enjoying some PBJ toast and kefir.

Yesterday run was nothing short of trechorous. I met Robin at 8:15 at North Chagrin and my co worker J joined us. After a few steps we realized that the paved trail was really slippery so we decided to hit the trails which ended up being worse! Jim actually fell flat out and hit his head. He got back up after bunching up on the ground in childs pose for awhile and finished the run, but I am all worried about him. I hope he's okay today, but I don't have his number to call him. He departed after we met back at the parking lot to pick up 3 more people and went on his way, but that was his plan all along. Anyway, the whole run we ran slow and were working to freaking stay up right. We did 10.5 miles, this morning all the little muscles in my butt and thighs hurt from working overtime to stay balanced. We went to yours truly afterwards. I love love runners brunch. It's always fun and we get to talk and laugh about all the things our non runner friends just don't get

After brunch I went to Fleet Feet and got some new shoes. After having my gait analyized at the clinic awhile back they told me to get a more cushioned shoe. After trying a few on I ended up with the Nike Vomero 2, which I am wearing right now and just feel like walking in a pillow. I am interested to get out there and run in them. I was a bad Monica and really just let both pairs of shoes I was running in - Brooks Cascadia and Mizuno Elixer - get in really bad shape. I've been having aches and pains for awhile and new shoes was long overdue. I might around another pair of Brooks to have for the trail.

Then I should have gone swimming but I ended up mopping the kithcen and cleaned the whole first floor and then crashed on the floor and watched Scrubs on DVD and took a nap. Then we met friends at the Improv and saw a really good comedy show. The headliner Jo Koy was really funny. I guess he just got his first Comedy Central special and it aired 2 days ago. All 3 comedians were really funny and we had a good time. I had two glasses of wine, so basically crashed when I got home.

Today I will of course be going out for a easy 5 mile run. I have book club at 1 and I need to do a home visit for Shar Pei Savers (we inspect potential adopters home to make sure they aren't tying their other dog up in the basement or lying about anything on their app, believe me people do and I have turned down people before based on their home and condition of their other pets) at 3 all the way in Rocky River. Gary and I talked about going to see Cloverfield. Again, I should go swim, but I might just blow it off one more time. I have a lesson on Tuesday, maybe this coming week I'll get back on the swimming horse. Have a great day everyone.


Brian said...

Here in twinsburg, we didn't get any snow overnight. You should run down this way.

As for your working things out. Yes I caught the drift. I don't think you need to spell it out. But I do laugh seeing a female saying, "I mean I need to poop". I could have a whole blog site dedicated to that.

On that note my word verification starts with bm.

Joshua Middleton said...

Hey! I hope the snow stays over that way! I don't want any of it!!

Have a great Sunday. I haven't heard much about Cloverfield - let me know what you think if you go see it!


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