Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fat people losing weight and Bad singers! Sign me up.

My god I love reality tv people. I mean LOVE it. Really. Last night was a little slice of reality heaven pie a la mode with American Idol and The Biggest Loser both on, both for 2 hours. I went with Biggest Loser and then quickly changed over to AI as soon as it was almost commercial time. Last night the incredibly annoying Neal with the wife that is way too nice to his whiny ass got booted and I was happy. On AI they have a girl that they showed a background story on. She was a young, single mom whose daughter had some rare disease that is a lot like cerebral palsy and lord if I didn’t cry when she talked about how being on AI wasn’t about fame for her, she was winning b/c they told her that her daughter would never be able to walk or talk and she was going to get her daughter the best care and get her those things in this life and I was so so nervous as she got up there

Please let her be able to sing...
Please let her be able to sing...

And you know what, she could sing! I hope she wins!

Ahhh it was all too much for my little brain to handle. Fat people losing weight, downtrodden people getting the golden ticket to Hollywood. If only Rock of Love had been on last night too!

That aside, I lifted some weights while I watched. I totally overslept and didn’t go swimming this morning. ARGH. Tonight is an Excel in Cycling class. I also decided that I wanted to run more miles and got a different smart coach marathon plan that has me running 4 days a week. I am all about that today, don’t know why I changed my mind, but I just decided that I really want to be running 30some miles a week and that’s all there is to it.

So tri peeps, I need some tips/advice. How in the world can I get myself excited about swimming? I just can’t seem to get myself to the pool b/c
A) I am a sucky swimming and I am like a child and hate doing things I am bad at
B) I just can’t seem to work it into my schedule b/c I hate working out every evening and I think it’s too much trouble to do before work
C) Wearing a bathing suit kind of makes me want to cry

Although Tracie and I did sign up for 3 lessons with some lady in Macedonia, so maybe that will help me get more excited about it?


Joshua Middleton said...

Hey! I'm not gonna start American Idol this year until the auditions are over. Sounds like it might be a good season, though.

I hear Big Brother is coming on in a few weeks. Do you ever watch that one??

Big Pun

Brian said...

I'm not usually a big fan of AI but my buddy was over and made me watch it. I'm hooked. Not sure if I'll like the regular episodes but the tryouts are great. I was also flipping to biggest loser on commercials. How can someone get that big.

As for swimming. Maybe you should take lessons but from a young guy. The opposite would encourage me to swim.

IM Able said...

My advice? Try something different. Scratch that. Try EVERYTHING different. My favorite swim days are when I have tons of different things to do -- kicking, drills, non-free strokes, etc. Put me in a pool and tell me to swim freestyle for a long while...booooring. Challenge yourself to come up with the craziest set for your next visit and have some fun with it!

Kristen said...

Swimming is like running, you've just got to put in the time. My first swim season, I went from 38 seconds to 31 seconds in the 50 free in 4 months. Translation: I went from terrible to pretty bad after 20+weeks of 2 hours a day/5 days a week pool workouts.

That said, use the props--kickboards and bouys are awesome. If there's water polo or a water exercise class at your pool, those are fun ways to mix it up in the water.

And girl, you know you don't need that 4th day of running with all your crosstraining. Save those legs! No overtraining! Have a look at the Furman First program. Work harder, not longer!

Anonymous said...

monica. i freakin' LOVE your obsession with reality tv! you are so rockin with all your tri and running. i hope you feel ridiculously proud of yourself. remember where we were like three years ago! sheesh! ~tara (from ck land!)

triguyjt said...

for the record..i saw the whiney guy neal and wife on ellen today...he has lost 50 so far..and she about 40..
on idol..i really wanted that mom to be good and she was tremendous. i am pulling for her.

swimming. i grew up swimming in the lake and always associate it with even doing laps doesn't get me dragging. i agree with something different... just swim a half hour one day..something...

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