Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tainty Tuesday

Gooooodddd morning Bloggy Friends. It is a blustery warm day here in C-land. My this weather is bizarre, but I’m not complaining. Although I will be when I end up sick b/c it drops 30 degrees by the weekend.

I am feeling like a superwoman this morning. I had a kickass Excel in Cycling class last night. This was my first class being clipped in and with my new cadence monitor. It was awesome to do the class and actually be able to watch my rpms, not just guess. I was able to hang with the A group most of the class. The teacher tells you which RPMs you should be hitting based on groups A-E. Aside from when we were doing big ring work and one legged drills, we stayed between 100-130 RPMs the rest of the class. I think that I am going to start doing 20 mins of one legged drills at home once a week. My taint started rebelling after about 1.5 hours in the seat. Boy that pointy leetle eevvviill seat is not so good on the girls parts. Of course I can’t imagine balancing nuts on that seat (well they probably go hide I suppose), so I guess I’ll quit complaining. When I got home I watched a little of the OSU game, but fell asleep feeling like pulp.

Woke up at 5:20 this am and met Brock at 6:00 to run. We did a nice 5 miles, the first half we were running under 9 mins miles. So much for a recovery run, but then on the way back it was a steady incline and we slowed wayyyy down to more like 9:45 a mile. It was so nice to run in a tshirt and shorts. Don’t think I’ll be able to do that on Thurs.

After the run, I got back into bed for 10 mins of Mushi/Tai/Mommy time, lots of snuggling. My guys are the best snugglers, they get right up in your arm pit and cozy in like your at the drive in or something. LOVE IT! It starts my day off right. Then I stepped on the scale and was down a lb from yesterday, which might not be real, but is still nice to see. Then I actually put on something besides jeans b/c I have a client in the office through Thursday. Cute gray slacks, black sweater and big chunky green necklace. Stopped by Starbucks for a breakfast soy latte. Life is good! I hope all of you are having a good Tuesday as well!

Tonight is yoga with the hubby and then snuggling down to watch Biggest Loser couples!


Joshua Middleton said...

You crack me up! Tainty Tuesday!!!

Glad you are having such an awesome day. I love those days when everything just seems to line up perfectly!

I bet you look foxy in your big, green chunky necklace!

Have fun at yoga tonight. Do ya'll do it naked?

Love, Josh

Dan Seifring said...

Awesome workouts Monica. You guessed it, it those seats are not pleasant to us either. Especially the Clydesdale's.

I love my morning dog loving time.

chris and sarah said...

I do enjoy the word Tainty. Nice word.

So where in cleveland are you? How do you run in the winter? Inside on the treadmill? Outside all bundled up? What is your next race? Will you be running cleveland?

I know..so many questions. LOL

chris and sarah said...

Where is the Winter Buckey Half at?
And very much good luck on your race.

triguyjt said...

don't drive yourself nuts getting on that scale everyday kiddo :-)
yoga with the hubby sounds cool. I do the brides pilates but I am one of many students and she can't abuse me (ha)
so you both take the class, right. He's not an instructor, right?? is it the yoga in the real hot room??? I am thinking of taking that when my bride starts at a new facility out east..
sorry for all the questions..
ain't this weather great??

Edro Edro said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I teach at Glen Este High School which is out on the eastside by Eastgate Mall if you remember where that's at. I wonder if you know my friend Jake Matig. He was at XU about the same time as you. Anyways, see you "around," Bloggy Friend!

cdnhollywood said...

Stumbled across your blog today. I've got a similar goal for a half IM (this year, in fact). Keep up the good work - you'll get there.

And kudos to you for tracking your caloric intake! I stopped long ago - I can't count much more over 3000. :P

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