Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I sooo wanted to stay in bed today!

Last night Tracie and I had a swim lesson. It went really well. The coach – Laura – told me I actually have a really good stroke. The only thing I need to concentrate on is getting better with my head position/breathing. I bring too much of my face out of the water. She said she shouldn’t be able to see both of my eyes, just one. She also had me swim with flippers on my feet, holy moses, they make you so fast with such little effort! I am totally getting some of those. She also told me that I have to swim a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably 4 if I want to get my stamina up. Argh. I know that it’s true, just don’t know when I’ll do it. I am going to HAVE to make a point to swim before work at least once a week. Then I can go after work once and on the weekend once. She also told me I need to work up to swimming 2000yds each time I go. Sigh. Lots of work to do. But for once I felt okay in the water. But I really do tire quickly.

Today I am going to swim and ride my trainer for an hour while I watch some tv. Nothing too tough. Tomorrow is a tempo run and after work we’re going to see Spirit of the Marathon.


IM Able said...

In my experience, getting into the swing of longer workouts like that came easily once I was in the pool more often. I bet you'll be surprised at how quickly you adapt to 2000+ sessions if you make sure you get wet at least three times a week. Good for you!

Trish said...

Oh man, I miss swimming!
Have a great time at Spirit of the Marathon - I'm also going to see it tomorrow night :)

cdnhollywood said...

You're not the only one that needs to hit the pool more than once a week.

My head position has been good, but ever since Xmas, my form has "left the building" and not come back. >grrr<

triguyjt said...

hey there..
soon you'll be doing 3,000 workouts ...

Steve Stenzel said...


Charlie said...

Have a great race this weekend.

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