Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunny Monday

The sun is here to visit cleveland and here I sit in my cube. Argh. Such is life.

Not much to tell you today bloggy friends. Yesterday I hit the pool and swam for a bit and did an hour of weights. I ran some errands in the afternoon and then laid on the couch for hours! Hours! I never do that and I tell you it felt great. Nothing like 3 hours of I Love New York to make you appreciate your life. I hope Tiffany and George live happily ever after. Seriously, tell me is New York attractive? I cannot for the life of me decide. Sometimes I think she looks beautiful, but more of the time she looks so much like a drag queen. Her boobs are just awful. I think she looked a lot better before she got those pumpkins inserted under her skin.

Tonight is an Excel in Cycling class. I think it's been 3 weeks since I went, which stinks, but there was so much going on with the holidays and it's so far away for me. No more excuses, today I go back and hope to go once a week.

My ankles are really killing me from my trail run, I think it's time for some new shoes. Those of you who run trails, what shoes do you prefer? I've been wearing the Brooks Cascadias and liked them, but my knees and ankles have been so sore the last few runs, the cushioning must be breaking down in them.


MJ said...

I have tried Brooks and, I don't know, they seem too wide. I start to get blisters. I tried a pair of Nike trail shoes which seemed more narrow...

Hope this helps!

chris and sarah said...

Have you tried Saucony's at all? I know my wife wears them and loves them. But then not sure how good they are for trail'n.

It is sunny down here in Cincy as well...Oh to be outside running...


Joshua Middleton said...

I'm the same way about New York. I think she's kind of pretty - but mostly she's a skank!

Happy Monday! It's really warm and sunny in Philly today, too. I love it, but it's also kinda creepy in a global warming kinda way!!!

Sorry, no comment on hiking shoes! You probably wouldn't want one from me anyway - I'd have you hiking up those hills in stilettos!!

B Bop said...

Vince at the Vertical Runner in Hudson should be able to match you some trail shoes. No, I don't work there. Yes, I am shamelessly plugging his store and his shoe knowledge.

We got out the climbing blocks @ the last excel session....that, along with the bigger lactate ladders should leave you feeling spent.

Kim said...

I second going over to Vertical Runner. Vince sells alot of Mizunos, and those are my latest Trail Shoes, the Wave Ascends.

I have also had good luck in my Brooks ASR and New Balance 872's (both of which are probably outdated models.)

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