Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Thursday

I was nicer to myself today and wore some nice, loose, A line pants, that are a little more flattering, and don’t make me want to hide in my cube all day!

I got scared by the weather and opted not to drive to Akron for Excel in Cycling and I can’t go Sat b/c I have a long trail run planned. Booo. So, next week FOR SURE I will get back to that class and do it once a week! But I did get on the trainer at home and ran myself through a hard hour and did my own set of drills. I now have my clip shoes and my Garmin cadence monitor installed so it was nice to see how many rpms I could do easily. I covered a little less than 17 miles in an hour and did 8 mins of one legged drills per leg, so that wasn’t getting me very far, so I think I was going pretty fast. Maybe I do have it in me to be a 20mph cycler. However I’m not sure how many hours I could maintain that! I think even if tri’s don’t work out too well for me, I’ll be doing duathlons and century rides. Biking isn’t as hard for me as running, except for the sore tushieness.

I slept in this morning, so now I have to run tonight. I think I might treadmill it unless the roads melt a lot today. It’s still pretty slick on neighborhood streets.

Our office is still like a ghost town. I have stuff to do, but it’s so hard to get motivated when everyone else is gone! So glad it's a short working week.


tracie said...

Be careful if you run tonight, CHTS streets are so slushy still today! :(

One more day and the weekend will be here! :)

Joshua Middleton said...

I love Garmin products. We got a Garmin GPS for our car and I love it!

Maybe I missed an earlier post, but did you go home for Christmas? How was it??

I'm not sure what I was singing in that picture. We had several discs of cheesy karaoke songs, so there is no tellin'!

DaisyDuc said...

I am with ya on the TG it's a short week!

Kudos to you and your new cadence meter. Sounds like you have some awesome cycling potential!!!

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