Saturday, January 5, 2008
Today I met Abbie at 7 at Starbucks and we headed down to Boston Store off the towpath to go on a orientation run for the trail HM we have later this month. It's a 2 loop course, one 5, one 8 mile. We'll obviously do each loop once and their are people doing a full marathon and a 30K. Not me! Today was tough. I was totally taking up the rear which embarrasses me to no end. I hate being slow! But really I'm fast enough except on hills. The hills kill me, they are steep and I can't get to the top without walking and I hate that. So, hill repeats are a must for me. Luckily I have a few in my neighborhood I can use. THis HM is going to kill me! Today we only did 9. But it was enough. However between today and Thursday's snow run, my ankles are killing me and up the side of my leg, not my shin. So, I took a bunch of ibuprofren and am now lounging watching a crappy movie I think - In the Land of Women - but I totally have a crush on Seth from the OC, so I wil stick it out.

It's movie day I guess. Sara and I went and saw Atonement. She loved it, me not so much. Tomorrow is swimming. I wanted to do yoga, but if my ankles are still bothering me, I probably won't b/c balancing on a bum ankle, no so good. Here are some pics from Xmas! I finally uploaded them to my shutterfly.

Gary, his mom, and sister Laura

Someone gave out fake mustaches at G's uncles house as part of the white elephant giveaway, and then the same pic we take everyday of us fondling santa's sack.


chris and sarah said...

Looks like christmas was a great time. LOL...Nice moustaches.

Yes...Columbus was alright. It was my first marathon ever and I feel i did QUITE well. I will probably be running Cleveland because that is where my wife is from and she tends to enjoy running the half marathon there. I also plan on running Chicago with a friend. Have you run Chi before? What is not so good about Cleveland?

Joshua Middleton said...

Isn't it funny how a simple crush will keep us glued to a terrible movie!??!?!?!

You guys are too cute with your moustaches on. He seems to come from a pretty great family - besides the whole abusing of Santa's sack thing! Poor guy, everyone wants a piece.

Thanks for the Atonement comment - I'll refrain from seeing it in the theater now. I saw Juno and LOVED it. It was so cute and funny.

Love ya Sista!

Kim said...

A trail/ultra (non) secret--we walk the hills. Unless you're one of the elites, every one walks the hills.
I take it you are running the Buckeye Trail Race? One tip for you. You might want to consider Yaxtrax or "screwed Shoes" if the weather conditions are icy. My friend Mike & I ran the BT50K last winter and were some of the few blazing past people on downhills. We had screwed shoes.

chris and sarah said...

Actually, I dont teach. I work at Cincinnati State as a Multimedia Producer for the college. I do teach some as an adjunct, but I am a staff member of the college. Its a fun, inner city community college to work for to say the least.

I did run the half last year with my wife in Cleve. The loop around into lakewood was fun. I remember coming back and running back The Jake and then ending close by that. I did used to work downtown cleveland and I think it would be fun to run downtown. But I do remember cutting off Carnegie to finish the half. Carnegie is a boring section of town. As being one of the older marathons in the country, im not sure why there isnt more fan support. Oh well, itll be nice to run it to say I did it. And we always have a blast going out downtown while we are there.

triguyjt said...

hey there..
i liked kims advice.. and yes, I have a screw loose.
however..I don't know if anyone told you. Those mustaches look like they are not real
: )
good luck on the trails and for goodness sakes stay away from santas sack...gheesh

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