Monday, January 21, 2008

I am Runner hear me roar

So yesterday's run was just downright wrong! I made it 3.5 miles then decided enough was enough. I am so glad I got my long run in on Sat. I put on some long johns with fleece pants overtop, a long sleeved base layer, a zip up fleeces and a vest over top, then a hat, some gloves, 2 pairs of socks, my new shoes, some yak trax and an ear warmer to wear over my face. I have a fleece gator thing, but I get too stuffy in those. I have found that if you use one of those bands that is supposed to go over your ears and place it over your nose, it doesn't lay flat on your face, so it's not as suffocating. But .5 miles into the run my nose hairs were completely frozen and I could no longer breath through my nose and since I was running up and down my neighborhood streets, every .5 mile I had to run into the wind at which point my eyelashes would freeze together and my eyes would freeze open. At one point I lost a contact! It was tough. But I'll do it again Tuesday morning!

Afterwards I changed clothes and put the Scrubs dvd back in and watched the last 2 episodes of season 5 while lifting weights and doing some ab work. From there I got myself showered and dressed (all by myself, I'm a big girl now) and headed to pick up some needles from Walgreens for Tai's allergy shots and then to Whole Foods. I don't usually do my grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck, but it's right by our house and we had already done most of our grocery shopping at Costco the other night, so I thought I could pick up a few odds and ends and get out of there under $100. And I did, $70 dollars later I was mostly stocked up with goodies we didn't need like Kashi crackers, french salt caramels, Asian 5 spice sauce, frozen indian curry dumplings, a serious log of raisin goat cheese and the most delicious chewy chocolate cookies I have ever had in my life. I also pickedup some lunch from their prepared food section for my trouble. Just some tofu. I really like tofu, but cannot, for the life of me people, prepare it correctly. I think it's b/c I don't fry it b/c I really am not capable of frying things. I'm not much of a cook. I can bake things and crock pot things, but if there is work to be done in a pan over high heat I am worthless. Also worthless if anything needs to do such things like simmer or saute. I just want to cook it really fast on the highest flame possible which just ends up making it chewy or burnt etc. Good thing G can cook.

We went and saw Cloverfield last night and I must say it just plain sucked. I was so dissapointed. THis is one of the movies I have been DYING to see since I saw the preview and I am such a big fan of the tv show Lost, I thought JJ Abrams could do no wrong. I was wrong, that movie is wrong. Not scary, not suspensful, not shocking when you see the moster. Just kind of boring and it all takes place on a handheld camera a la Blair Witch, so I had a huge headache. And it was hellion heathen night at the Mayfield theatre. Every bad middle school/early high school kid from the area was there and they were yelling and screaming. Not just one group of bad kids, but like 4 and they were all trying to show off. I actually yelled at some girl before the movie started! Yelled at her! That's how pissed I was. It was very funny in my mind, she was yelling at some boy to come over there - hey smitty come here, come over here and I said I"M GOING TO COME OVER THERE IF YOU DON'T FREAKING KEEP IT DOWN! THIS IS A MOVIE THEATRE FOR CRIPES SAKE NOW SHUT IT. I was a little pissed no one clapped in agreement with me. THe little bitch kept it quiet after that. BUt the other 40 kids didn't. I really felt like standing outside and as any parent pulled up to pick up there kid telling them how bad their children were in that movie and how much their ruined my night out. But I didn't of course. Ummmm....I think....I might just be getting old! But hey I still like Soldjaboy, right, so still I'm hip! Right? Right?


triguyjt said...

I would not have wanted to be those kids or their parents...You are doing some serious you go girl.
Am running tonight (monday)and I love it when the nose hairs get all brittle..(i am not sick am I??)
of course tonight won't be as cold as it was for you..or for the packers and giants at green bay.
go see "the kite runner". I loved the book and the movie almost came close..

Brian said...

I'd have stood up to tell them to shut it and probably got my butt kicked a mob of 13 year olds.

Kim said...

I'm an old curmudgeon so I try to avoid the popular times kids go to see movies at.
YOU ROCK for getting out there and running on Sunday!!

Edro Edro said...

I always have to fight the urge to go into teacher mode at the movies.

I was super disappointed in Cloverfield too. =(

Send some of that snow south. I want a snow day!

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