Saturday, January 19, 2008

I love New York in High Def! Scary

People I just checked the weather and they said it's 22 out there right now, but it feels like, FEEELS like 7 degrees. So, let's see once I get going my body should warm up and depending on which calculation you believe I'll feel like it's 17 or 27, neither sound very good to me! And I have to be out there for about 2 hours! Joy, days like this are when being fast are important. Those fasties will knock out their 10 miler, their slow 10 miler in a little over and hour, I'm looking at 100-120 mins. Plus at one point, we are looping to pick up some friends, so that means after I've ran 4 there will be stopping and chatting. Sigh. Must concentrate on the brunch at the end of the run. By 11 I will toasty inside of Yours Truly (place to eat for you non-clevelanders) enjoying an egg white omlette and some raisin toast with a big mug of their flavored coffee of the day. Oommmmmm.

Last night Gary and I went tv shopping. G and I shopping is a very...special....thing. My hubby and I are total opposites. I'll fully admit that his way is right on 80% of things. I know his way is right on tv shopping. He went and got the consumers report on tvs, he researched the pros and cons between LCD and plasma. Me I look at all the tvs sitting next to each other, decide I don't want one with a glossy surface border b/c you can see all the fingerprints on it, point to a 42 inch that I think might, maybe fit on our tv stand, that's the one I want. But since we're doing it G's way, we actually didn't just buy something. Which was UNHEARD of in my life previous to G. I'm all about instant gratification, not saying that's right, but at least I am in tune with the way I am! We went to Costco and Best Buy. I still don't understand why we can't just get an old school tv, we're not, I repeat NOT, getting high def cable. I am convinved it's all a rip off, why do I NEED to see all the little imperfections on Lucy Lui's face? Is it so I can feel better about myself? They have a demo up at best buy where you can see the difference between regular cable and high def cable on a Plasma screen and I tell you what - who cares, the regular cable is a tad darker. Do I really need to know the exact coloring of the lovely and talented Tiffany New York Pollard? Oooh I just imagined seeing her mom Sister Pollard on high def, that would be enough to make me cancel my subscription. I am all about running out and buying something that will costs us a whole weeks paycheck, but I kind of think I'd rather get a leather couch least picking up cat shit off of it would be easier.


Joshua Middleton said...

Sounds like your shopping experience is a lot like ours. Good luck finding a good tv. I'm interested to know which one you decide on. I'm like you though, I don't see why High Def is all that important - unless your watching that Planet Earth DVD or something - but you've already seen that!

Anyways - have a good run!

Brian said...

Well if you're going for the high def. you might as well drop a couple g's more on a good surround sound system. When you're watching Dexter it'll be sweet to see the blood spray in high def as well as the cutting sounds.

triguyjt said...

high def scares me..since one (blush) who is advanced (blush) tends to look..ahhhh more advanced (blush) on the tube...

I , by the way still have not gone high def. see it enough at work

good luck

cdnhollywood said...

Great job hitting the streets in the cold. If it helps any, I was out there too (and it was colder, if I may say so).

Just remember to bring phone and snacks, and layer properly!

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