Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chili Bowl 5K

Still sick, ugh fug. I did leave work yesterday, but did some work from home, so I am not going to take more than 2 hours of sick if even that. I completely vegged out last night. I laid in bed and read and was asleep by 9. I have been taking alka seltzer flu stuff and it seems to help. But I just feel really weak, like you could push me over using one finger. Regardless, I headed to the chili bowl 5K this morning. Gary came with. He ran it in about 24 mins, I ran it in about 27. Not my best race, and not my worst. I felt pretty good starting off and handled the bridge with no problem, but about halfway, I just felt like I was going to die. So, it wasn't very enjoyable. I am always proud of myself when I push through something I don't really want to do. IT was quite cold, but wonderfully sunny today. It's been a long while since we've seen the sun in cleveland.

Afterwards G and I headed to the west side market and bought some fruit, hummus and bread. We rushed home and showered and then G got his hair cut and I went along and read b/c we were going to run errands afterwards. I am reading this book called "My Lombotomy" by Howard Dully and it is just fascinating and I cannot put it down. It's written by this guy whose step mom got him a lobotomy in the 50s when he was only 12 and the rest of his life was just ruined. It's just a sad, amazing story and I finished the book today, and just started it last night. But anyway, after his haircut we went and bought a new down comforter. We got a king size bed like 5 months ago, but have never bought a comforter to go with it! So, finally we have bedding to go with out bed! We got 2 new pillows too, not we just need a bedskirt :)

Later we were laying around watching Ironman and Gary decided he wanted a bike! Now, I have been trying to talk him into getting a road bike and doing some long rides with me for awhile, so I was so happy he said this. So, we headed over to the Bike Authority and he got an XL 2007 Cannondale Synapse 3 Sport. It's a nice entry level bike and I hope he enjoys it. He goes back on Wed to get fit. So, now I have a partner for my long training rides!

I came thiiisss close to signing up for the half ironman in Cleveland, but chickened out. Is it way too presumptious to think I can do a HIM this year? I mean I've never done a tri before. Of course I jumped pretty much to a marathon from a 5K......

Tomorrow is my 16 miler...ugh. I am really dreading it b/c I feel so shitty.


Brian said...

Too bad you feel crappy. I say go for the 1/2 IM. Especially now that you have someone to bike with. I could never just go and buy a bike in 1 day. I agonize over what to buy. It probably took me 2 months to buy mine.

B Bop said...

I say the 70.3 is a grand idea!! You've still got MONTHS to prepare!

Glad to hear G got himself a bike. Are there swim goggles in his future??

mark said...

I don't really know you (I found your blog off your link on the runners' world forums) but I say go for the half. I mean, damn, I get tired reading about your weekly workout routines. With your level of energy, you should be fine.

triguyjt said...

props to g for going cannondale. thats my ride of choice...not that i am lance or anything.

go for the half iron...

tracie said...


I can't believe that you are not sure about the HIM! In the short time that we've been friends, you prove to me over and over that you accomplish all that you set out to do. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

So glad to hear that G got a bike! Now you can show both of us all your fav rides. :)

I hope your feeling better today!

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