Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unconventional Training week - blah

Last night G and I ran to the library, literally. I had books to return so we both ran with books in our arms, it was kind of hard! I started the run off with a backpack, but quickly found that that wasn't going to work b/c the bookbag bounced everywhere. G got fit for his bike yesterday and got it home last night and put a light and cadence moniter on it and got it set up on the trainer. He was like a kid with a new toy. Your first road bike is something, learning the gears, getting used to the seating position. I am so happy for him. It's a good looking bike too!

So, I wake up at 4:45 anticipating my alarm that was to go off at 4:47, don’t ask me why I needed the 2 extra minutes. I lay there in bed trying to psyche myself into getting up. My running partner had already called me the night before and said that it was going to be way to cold in the AM for a 9 miler, I agreed and told him not to worry about it. However, I did still plan on just getting out there. I leaned over G to check the temps on his clock – 8 degrees. 8 degrees! I did the math in my head and figured that was about 80 below windchill. No one should run 9 miles in that, right! Especially not the route I was planning on which was just straight up Fairmount Blvd which tends to get a little windy. So, I talk myself out of getting bundled up and start thinknig about the treadmill, my gym doesn’t open until 5:45, I’ll only be able to get in 7 miles max before getting ready for work. Then I notice that my tummy is feeling funky and you know what my left ankle REALLY hurts from where I wrenched it in the pothole the other day….Sigh, so I fell back asleep. So bummed out. I am meeting Sara to run after work. I have just decided that I need to do 30 miles this week, as long as I get in all 30 miles it doesn’t matter how or when, just for this week. So, I am just going to run tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night, sat, sun and so on. And maybe just maybe it will warm up tomorrow and I will feel better and I can do like 15 - 18 miles straight. I will get the 30 miles in. One off long run is not going to kill my training, I still have 10 weeks of training and 3 20 milers. I’ll be fine, right??? Okay, pep talk over.

And guess what! I feel like SHIT again today. Yesterday I felt a little funky today I feel a lot funky. If I am not better by Monday then the dreaded antibiotics might be in order. Luckily my doctors office right up the street from work and you can always get an appt with someone b/c it’s one of those cleveland clinic buildings with 50 doctors.

It feels like Friday to me. I wish it was. I took a vacation day Monday so I could be home a little longer. So at least next week with me a 4 day week! And next Sat is my first of two 30Ks in March! I am very excited for it b/c I really think it will give me a better idea of how my marathon is going to go.


cdnhollywood said...

Hang in there! The crappy feelings you have could just be a combination of seasonal mood, a touch of a cold, and the training. Keep it up, but consider dropping the intensity just a wee bit to get through it easier. Chow down on Vitamin C like they're M&Ms (that's my secret...but I chase the vitamins *with* the M&Ms too). :P

As for backpack running, consider the cycling-specific bags from Vaude. They cinch up a lot to keep the load steady, and the hip support is solid but small, so you don't chafe.

triguyjt said...

now...g can ride his bike to the library. when its not 50 below and dry. thats july 3rd.

Christine said...

Feel better soon. THe "Crud" is goin around everywhere....even Georgia! Running with books...sounds...dorky! haha jk. Hang in there..spring is right around the corner.

DaisyDuc said...

Ughh, sounds like the weather is weighing us all down!

That is so exciting about G...hopefully you two can spend some quality time on your bicycles when the weather breaks!

Alfred Alden said...

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