Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy chocolate day

Woke up and dragged my sleepy ass out into the frozen morning and ran 6 miles with Brock. It was a good run, decent pace and it felt good. My foot didn’t hurt. I have retired my Nike Vs and was running in some old Mizunos. And miraculously I am in a better mood today! Must be that skipping my morning exercise makes me crabby. Interesting! When I got home, it was only 7, so I had a little time to spare, so I burrowed back under the covers with Mushi and Tai and then contemplating calling in sick to work for like 10 mins before I realized I now carpool on Tues/Thurs and didn’t want to have to call my co-worker and yadda, yadda. So, to work I went.

On lunch I went to Fleet Feet. I just love that place and the couple that own it are just the cutest and I just am so jealous that they own a store together and are younger than me! But so happy for them of course! And always happy when their dog Mickey is there, which he was today, so I got to rough him up and play tug of war. They are always very helpful and they provide frequent buyer points so I had $25 in savings waiting for me. The guy even remembered the shoes he had sold me last time, what a good memory. I had my gait analyised not that long ago at the Cleveland Clinic and they told me that I have a very neutral stride, but that I sort of stomp, so if anything I should get a cushiony shoe. So, that’s how I ended up in these Nike Vomeros. But my foot has been bothering me so I deduced that maybe I needed more support, he agreed. So, I walked out with some new Saucony Triumphs. I have never worn Saucony’s before, so wish me luck. The only shoe I have ever put on my foot that just felt good and right is the Mizuno Elixer, but that is a very light weight shoe and I am lucky to get 150 miles out of it before aches and pains set in, so I am on a search for a pair of shoes to love. Bloggy friends what do you wear and what kind of shoe/foot do you need/have?

Tonight G and I are going to Melange for dinner. I got him a painting for V-day that I found on Etsy. It is just adorable and looked just like Mushi. I’ll have to tell you the artist name when I get home, she had the cutest painting. They are really funky and kind of art deco. Nice vibrant colors. The one I gave him has an orange background with a purple shar pei. He got me a starbucks cards and some running socks. PERFECT monica gift. What more could I ask for? I hope dinner is good tonight since we already had one bad dining experience.

So, Happy Valentines Day everyone! Do you ever read Post Secret? It's in my links, it's the best, here are some posts from there for this week. The first one made my heart hurt.

I'd really like to call. I probably would have called after work and you would have answered and I would have asked how the weather was and you would have said it's been cold and I would have told you how it snowed here this week and how we actually got to leave work early on Tuesday. I would have asked what you were doing and you would have said that you were in the massage chair watching some western show. You would have said that you'd been busy working up with Christian and I would have asked how his son was doing? You would have asked me how the dogs were and I would have said bad as usual and that Mushi has taken to eating the snow. I would have asked how Samson's hip was healing up and if he was better about going out for mom now. I would have asked what you got mom and told you what G got me. Then I would have said okay, is mom around and you would have gotten her. I would have said I loved you and that you should come visit sometime. I would have meant it.


Trish said...

There is a post secret book signing at my favorite local museum today... but it's only from 3-6 and I don't get home until after that :( Did you ever try Swedish goggles? They are REALLY cheap - $3/ pair - and what most competitive swimmers wear.

TrainingtoTri said...

no I haven't. Thanks for the suggestions, I will look for some. I really would like to go one of their exhibits, but none are around here.

triguyjt said...

enjoy the new shoes and the v-day dinner...bride and i going out to our fav local rest..
i feel some pasta coming on...

Patricio said...

Happy V's day!
Sounds like you have a few pair of shoes and different brands...
I love Asics, they have worked for me since day one. The ones I've been using are the Cumulus 8s and actually just retired 2 of those (363 miles and 312 miles), was thinking I could go all the way till 400 miles but I started to hurt. Now I have the Cumulus 9s and LOVE them, got 2 pairs but I need one more. And recently bought the Asics Piranhas racing shoes, wore them once and they are really cool, super light too.
Wow.... that was long! :)

lahenry said...

I have always loved Saucony's.

B Bop said...

I run in neutral cushioned shoes. My best match so far are Ascics gel-nimbus, kinda like running on pillows....

but they are costly, so I'm on the lookout for an inexpensive shoe to soak up some training miles.

Joshua Middleton said...

This was sweet monica. I Love you.

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