Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay Ms. Tri to be funny asked me about PB2 & my shakes. What is it? Like I said it’s a magical gift from the heavens. You can order it at or some people sell it on ebay, etc. You have to buy a case, but please trust me it is 100% worth it. The stuff is nothing NOTHING but peanuts that have been pressed in some magic way to remove all the fat and gunk and reduced to a powdery substance. You mix it with water to make PB, but I prefer to just use it for taste in oatmeal and shakes. It only has 54 calories and 2.8 grams of fat in 2 tablespoons, and 1 gram of sugar!. And it’s all natural. No I don’t work for them, but hey bell plantation if you want to sponsor a newbie triathlete holla at me. As for my shakes, I got some good tips from Nytro, I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing – use whey isolate powder b/c isolate is the easiest form of protein to digest, and always add some flax oil b/c you need good fat with the protein. I bought chocolate and vanilla powder at my local market, but Nytro recommended a brand called Dymatize ISO-100 b/c it comes in yummy flavors and doesn’t foam. The only other real rules were to use high glycemic fruits/juice in the morning, but not at night. So a banana and pineapple would be fine in the morning shake, but stick to fruits like apples and pears at night. I have been having juice with powder before my workouts, the one I drink at work has consisted of chocolate powder, frozen blackberries or raspberries, a little coffee and water, I make one shake with 2 scoops of powder and sip on it when I get hungry at work, I still have lunch. I have an after dinner shake too. No milk for me. I’ll let everyone know how it goes. I am basically consuming 4 scoops of protein powder a day for 84 grams of protein and the powder has 100 calories a scoop, the flax oil, I get 1 tbsp a day.

I went to a nice little happy hour with some gals that I know from the tri club and then the one I didn’t know were from a local running club. It was fun. I know I had one beer too many b/c I told a story about pooping my pants a leetle bit. Good times. But since I had one beer (I only had 2, but they were 20 ounce wheat beers!) too many, I decided to sleep in a little and I will ride the trainer tonight. Tomorrow will just be swimming and then Sunday the 30K! followed by 2 easy miles to total 20. I hope to “race” the 30K so I have a better indicator of what my marathon time will be. Of course Cinti has some touch hills. So, I figure I will run with a pace group 10 mins slower than I feel I could do on a flat course.

Oh and I got tagged again by Tri Newbie, so here are 7 more facts about me.
1. I miss my dad every day, especially when it snows b/c we talked about the weather a lot when I would call home, yesterday was a month
2. I want kids, but am horribly ridiculously scared of being pregnant, if I could talk the hubby into only adopting, I would and I would never give birth and be fine with that.
3. I seriously used to have dreams of being the first famous white girl rapper and when I would get drunk in college I would break off some serious freestyle raps about people
4. I majored in Electronic Media in college and used to want to be a news broadcaster, then senior year I worked for Fox in Cinti and pretty much hated being in the newsroom and when I realized I would have to move somewhere like Hazard KY to get a chance, I abondoned that dream and got a job selling bridge joints, fun stuff
5. I talk too much, way too much and am alwasy reminding myself not to dominate conversations, but am not very good at reigning myself in
6. I am a howard stern fanatic and now that I have sirius satellite I pretty much listen to him all day long
7. I followed Phish around for a few years, but around college classes, I saw them over 70 times and miss them a lot. I met them once backstage from winning a raffle, they were nice guys. But I don't listen to Phish much anymore, I followed them with an ex and the phish memories are all wrapped up in the ex memories and I like to leave them locked in a trunk in the brain attic.


Brian said...

Those shakes sound like a lot of work.

If you want you can watch my 3 year old so I can do the indoor tri next week. He's potty trained. But it'll give you some good experience. Better yet for the true kid experience take him to chuck e cheese. Just please disinfect him when you come out of there.

cdnhollywood said...

I need a sitter this weekend too. So how 'bout it?


Tri to Be Funny said...

Thanks for the PB info! I'm all over it!!

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