Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nothing to do Saturday!

I have nothing to do today! That is an extremely rare occurance in my life and to be honest...i don't like it. When you live your life in such a regimented way, falways following a training plan, preparing for an upcoming race there is always something on the scehdule. I don't know if that's a good way to be or not, but it's how I am, very type A, I'm going to make a broad assumption that most people who read my blog are the same way! THe thing is I have a 30K tomorrow that I really want to rawk so I am laying low today. The only thing I want to do is go swim, and my gym doesn't open until noon on Sat b/c it's a Jewish gym. Gary took my car to the shop to get the steering checked so here I sit idle....ugh. I tried to sleep in, but the most I could do was 8:30am. I'm reading a really good book, so I laid in bed and read that for awhile with the dogs. It's Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and I can't put it down! Then around 10 I realized I really should eat something, so I made some breakfast. I figured I can't just have my day in total choas :) SO I made a list of how my day was going to go! Yes, yes, I know, don't you just feel for my poor husband.

12-1 - swim at the J
After that - come home and get cleaned up
After that- run errands - need to get dog food, invitations for a baby shower and go out to Fleet Feet to buy one of those socks for plantar facisitis, I think I have it in one of my feet, not good, not good, but every morning I can barely step on it and I read that one of the common factors of plantar F is that it's at it's worst in the am. Boooo.
After that - take the dogs for a walk around shaker lakes
After that - make dinner - veggie lasagna
After that - mop! while diner cooks, we have a black and white kitchen floor it stays horribly dirty b/c of the dogs, bad decision going with white on a floor
After that - watch a movie -Some Jessie James movie with my boyfriend Casey Affleck in it
After that - make sure I have everything laid out for tomorrow and double triple check my alarm clock which will be set for...wait for it...4:45am, how bad does that suck! Who starts a race at 7am that is all the way out in Avon Lake!


Christine said...

WHAT! YOu are running in Avon Lake??? My hometown?! WHAT? I'm so jealous. Stop by my house and tell my whole family I love them and miss them. I absolutely love my'll have to let me know what you think! Good luck you will do greaaaattttttt! (Tony the Tiger STyle)

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