Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Tuesday

Yesterday I went to the pool with Gary. It was the first time he has swam in a long time and I helped him out some and got in 10 laps myself. I just felt really tired and drained and I was fine the first 25, but on my returns I barely got through them. So, I figured why push myself after such a hard weekend and called it quits at 500 yards, nothing too exciting, but hey in November, that was my swim workout! Today I am to run, but it was raining this morning so I slept in, now I am stuck to do it after work (after I vote, go Hillary!). If it’s still raining I might make today a bike day and run Wed & Thurs. It’s a rest week so I only have 21 miles total this week. I am considering the 30K from this weekend a success b/c usually 2 days later I am really sore, but I feel pretty good today. My calves are a little tender but nothing debilitating. I hope hope hope that I can do a smidge under 3 hours at the Just a Short run 30k in a few weeks. That’s the goal anyway, it does have some big hills though. I did it in 3:19:44 last year, but that was with a foot injury due to the mother of all blood blisters that threw off my gait and caused me bad ankle problems. I didn’t know you could pop blood blisters, so I hobbled around on it for a few days and totally messed up one of my feet. I finally popped it, but that sucker came back to haunt me on all my long runs after that.

I am super excited b/c I just learned that I get to go to a training camp at Lake Placid over memorial day weekend with my friend that lives in NY. She has a tri coach who said I could come along. How fun! It will make me feel much more prepared for the Summi tri in June. I can’t wait to get my bike outside. We had a glimpse of spring here, yesterday it got up to 60, but due to schizophrenic Cleveland weather it’s only 30 again today w/icy rain. I almost took a half day yesterday to enjoy the weather, I kind of wish I had. Am I the only one super geeked that daylight savings is on Sunday? I think I like it more than Xmas now that I live in Cleveland crave some freaking sunlight.

Have a great day bloggy friends.


cdnhollywood said...

DST is THIS WEEKEND?!? Holy crap that came fast!

Great. Now when I wake up, it'll be pitch black again. :(

Brian said...

Training camp. That sounds like fun. And in lake placid. Sweet.

Half day yesterday would have been sweet. I saw someone biking and was so jealous. I ran even though it was my off day just so I could get outside and get a taste of spring.

triguyjt said...

jealous that you have the triathlon camp up at lake placid...

good job on the 30 k.

Joshua Middleton said...

I'm glad you're going to make it to the polls despite the bad weather! I saw on CNN today that Cleveland has a storm moving in that may keep voters from leaving their homes.

Go Hillary!

Smithposts said...

Congrats on the training camp and successful 30K! Yesterday was a good day for Hillary in Ohio!

Christine said...

Oh man! I heard about that weather. I was on the phone with my mom as Ice pellets were hitting her and she was going "ow ow ow". Then I heard her spend about a half hour scraping her window. You poor things!!

GP said...

So, I haven't quite been able to get my mind off the cupcake run. Once the sun comes out, it would be awesome to take a run for the cupcake shop. And, you know, around the area.

Hudson seems to be a pretty decent place to run. Even better, I imagine, once the snow goes away. While I had to loop around some of the same areas a few times (because of snow-piled sidewalks elsewhere), I think it would offer plenty of good miles for spring/summer runs.

I can't wait to hear about your training camp. It's coming soon. We're seeing you at St. Malachi?

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