Saturday, March 8, 2008

Seriously this weather!

I don't know that I've ever seen a snowstorm like this. Actually I guess this qualifies as a blizzard. It has not stopped snowing since yesterday. I shoveled the driveway earlier and there was a about a foot of snow. I just went back out there and there are at least 4-5 more inches. Sigh. THis is crazy! They cancelled the tri for tomorrow and I cancelled the part for tonight. THere is no way I am driving out there. THe roads are horrendous, I think the plow guys gave up. I did however get my butt out there and ran 5 miles! Can you believe it. I mostly ran on sidewalks that people had been nice enough to shovel and ran up and down the same three streets over and over, I started to feel like a hamster. I got a lot of odd stares. It really wasn't that cold, but my nose was constantly running and that was annoying. My gore tex Brooks trail shoes managed to keep my feet dry which was pretty darn amazing. The snow in my driveway was up past my knees! For reals. I'll post some pictures later.

So, I ran 5 miles and shoveled the driveway with G. He's still very sick and pretty much laying around and moaning about dying. I have a roast in the crockpot and 2 movies waiting to be watched- God Grew Tired of Us & The Asassination of Jesse James. I might hop on the trainer for about 30-45 mins, only b/c I took 2 rest days this week and monday was just a short, short swim. So, I feel like I need to make up some lost workouts. Tomorrow I will try and make it to the gym and swim since I only did it once this week, bad monica.

Hope everyone is staying warm and off the roads!


tracie said...

i'm feeling loads better so i might be up for a swim tomorrow. it is only $10 bucks right??? give me a call! good for you to get out and go running! go monica :)

Brian said...

Very ambitious of you to run in this weather outside. I'm jealous. I'll have to be off my foot for about a week at this rate. Plus I can't swim in the am while my wife is away and no biking either with my ankle. Weights I guess only.

RunnerGirl said...

I'm struggling with this snow as well, will it ever end?

triguyjt said...

hope your shamrock went well... good to get the miles in...right...

tired of big snow fall, I'm having the bride "get her workout in"..

not really

Kim said...

I know you're "not from here" so you don't remember the blizzards of 77-78...of course I was 11 then.It was quite a specatuclar winter. I remember sliding off the roof our house into snow drifts. We had people with us for a week, friends of the family,who were stranded when the storm hit, they
were on I-71 headed for Avon Lake but stopped at our house in Brunswick.

Tea said...

I am SO over winter! I can't wait for a 70 degree day!

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