Friday, March 21, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Still sick today and I didn’t go to spinning. Those of you who work out everyday know how awful you start to feel after a few days off. I have not worked out since Tuesday and I am starting to FREAK. Surely I will not be able to run my marathon and gain 20 lbs all in one week lost, right, right? Well that’s what the brain whirlies tell me anyway. Yes, I know I am a bit crazy, no need to point it out in the comments J So tonight, no matter what the snow is like, I will run 3-4 miles. They will be slow, I might walk some, but it’s getting done. Then tomorrow I will attempt as many miles as I can, although I know I won’t make 16. Then on Sunday I am meeting Sara to run for an hour so that will be at least 5. If I can make it out of this week with 20 miles under my belt, I will be okay. I was supposed to run 29 but it’s just not going to happen, unless I miraculously wake up feeling rejuvenated tomorrow, in which case I’ll do the 16. I hope to just run slow all weekend, not push it too hard and be healthy again next week. I’m not so much worried about the marathon, as I am about the 30K next Sat. If I am sick for a week then I am going to be all weak and blah and not get through the race as strong as I want. The last 30K wasn’t great and I wanted to do better this time. Last year I did it in 3:19:44 on a bum foot, so I really want to do better this year.

Well Bloggy friends I hope you are doing better than me! Have a great weekend.


tracie said...

make sure you rest up!!! i'm finally starting to break through my head cold that i've had for almost three weeks now. besides the vitamins and fluids, sleep was really what got me through it.

Patricio said...

Sorry to hear u haven't been feeling so well. Hope you get better soon!

B Bop said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!! Maybe you could do the longer run on Sunday to give yourself an extra day to deal with the illness??

triguyjt said...

i think bbop has good advice....

but i sense you are itching to get in a run and that you will likely run on saturday

good luck

Joshua Middleton said...

Good luck gettin' back into the swing of things. Monday you can write a blog about how Monica got her groove back!


YorktownRunner said...

Don't even think about gaining weight. I lost 8 lbs during the last two weeks which is a ton for me. Focus on getting well. Rest hard. Forget running until you are better or you will miss your marathon. Make yourself REST!

Christine said...

oh no! and now I hear its snowing!! My parents are on their way to Savannah and the first two hours was blizzarding. You shoulda jumped in their car and came to paradise:) feel better soon!

Brian said...

Take the time off. You won't lose anything. You'll be that much stonger for your 30k

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