Thursday, March 27, 2008


My zexy husband pointed out to me that my blog is always negative. Negativity has seemed to creep into my life this winter. Between being constantly sick, my dad dying out of nowhere, not progressing in my training as much as I should and not having a job that I love; I have become quite the negative nelly. Well, I am going to try and make strides to change that, so I won’t bitch about the fact that I overslept this morning and didn’t do my 8 mile run. I will just say that from being sick last week and training hard Mon-Wed, my body needed some extra sleep, so I did the right thing and allowed it those 2 extra hours. How is that for positivity? Also, I had a very plesant dinner with my friend Leah last night. We hadn’t seen each other in a long while and oddly enough it turns out our dad’s died on the exact same day, how weird is that! After dinner, I was feeling a little blurgy in the stomach, so I decided I really didn’t have it in me to run. So, I grabbed the dogs and took them for a very brisk 2.5 mile walk around Shaker Lakes and admired/drooled over the beautiful homes. The dogs were super happy and worn out when we were done and I just counted that as the 2 mile recovery run I had on my schedule. Today after work I will hit the gym and run as long as I can stand on the dreadmill and maybe do a short swim. I for sure have to swim before work tomorrow morning. Sat is the 30K and Sunday is a bike ride. Fun, fun, fun.


CJ said...

I actually think your blog is pretty postive. Sorry you're having such a rough year. Hang in there, and good luck in the 30K!

Joshua Middleton said...

Hi Positive Polly!

I hope you tummy has recovered from all that blurgy-ness!

Tea said...

Wait, I think I said something really intelligent in my blog....what was it? Oh yea!

Smiling makes you feel better! don't you feel better?

Supalinds said...

You never seem too negative to me, usually quite the opposite. I am sorry for the tough year.

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