Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday 20 miler!

Last night Gary, Tracie and I headed to an Inter Social club get together. It consisted of various area clubs, the Tri club included. It was at a brewery. It was pretty fun. I really only met like 2 new people so I didn't really get out and mingle like you're supposed to do at these types of things, but the group I was with had a good time talking about completely inappropriate things. I told myself I would only have 1 beer and I did, but then had another drink afterwards and a few hot wings. Not all good moves the night before a long long run. We got home late for me too, but I was asleep by 11:30.

I got up at 6:20 with an upset stomach. Greeeaatt. But after a cup of coffee, 2 glasses of water and some oatmeal I was feeling much better. I headed out into 38 degree very foggy weather. It was quite dangerous out when I first started at 7:15. I ran a slow 3.5 miles and then met my friend Robin at 8:00 at a local coffee shop. He and I ran until 9:00 and then met Sherri back at that coffee shop, then the 3 of us ran up until 16 miles. Then Sherri's IT band was hurting her so she opted out and Robin and I ran up until 18.6 then I finished up the last 1.4 miles solo for 20 solid miles. I did the total run in 3:20 and the middle 6 miles were ran between 10:30 - 11, so there were quite a few 9ish min miles in there. I felt good. It was a good run. Running with Robin is good, he's done a ton of marathons and is faster than me so it makes me work hard in a good way and I always love to see Sherri, she is just the nicest person. The middle 7 we did together went by so fast as we gabbed. We ran on the streets around Shaker Lakes, so all road. My legs, knees etc felt pretty good the whole time. My feet started to really bother me around mile 15. At about 17 I was feeling a bit sick, but I ate a GU and felt much better and finished strong. In total I had a 100 calorie Luna moons pack at mile 5, another at mile 11, and then the GU at mile 17. Even though I don't like to take in too many calories b/c I have so many GI issues, but I think I really needed one more GU in there. All in all I would call it a good run. I finished feeling spent, but I feel fine now. I actually haven't even take a nap! I had a yummy mini salt bagel with cream cheese and a soy latte as a windup to my run. Post run nutrition is very important ya'll.

After the run I laid in bed a little bit, then Gary and I headed to Spin bike shop in Lakewood b/c after calling 6 shops, they were one of the few who had bike shoes in his size and they won b/c the ones they had were the most inexpensive. Wow, that was a really long run on sentence. I had never been to that bike shop before. I still think the Bike Authority is the cream of the crop, but this place had some amazingly decent prices on last year's model bikes. So, if anyone needs a road bike right now, check em out. Then we went to the west side market and it was just crazy crowded. Someone explain to me why you would ever take a stroller into that place? It just amazes me that people do that and congest the whole aisle. We got lots of yummy veggies and fruit, some bone in chicken, apple smoked turkey ham, some homemade Greek yogurt dip and some dried fruit. Good times. We are making pizza for dinner, but right about now I am going to veg and read my book - New Moon - loving it.


Brian said...

sounds like your ankle is healed. mine still is super puffy and irritated. the west side market rocks. Strollers are good as you can put all your crap in them.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great 20 miler.

Christine said...

wow nice job! I still havent hit 20 yet....oooooooooh well! haha

triguyjt said...

great job on the 20 miler...

robin must be a great guy to run with...

i love the west side market. my daughter live so close, she could throw a stone at it...

haven't tripped over a stroller..yet.

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