Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring where are you?

Feeling a bit funky in the belly again today. I knew I couldn’t be all better. Still plan on taking it easy all week so I can run the 30K as best I can. Today is a 2 mile run and a master’s swim. Both taking place after work b/c I overslept…again! I am so over this weather and this cold and this winter, I just want to kick somebody. I can’t seem to wake up, despite going to be early. But today it didn’t really matter since it’s just a quick 20 min run. I may be stuck doing it in the rain today though. That’s what I get. (pic is of niagra falls in May).
Last night I decided it was time to try out my pedals. I was a nervous wreck, but rode 5 miles clipped in and managed not to fall down. Gary came with me and tested his out too. It’s such a weird sensation to not be able to get your feet out easily, I know I am going to hurt myself badly at some point. After venturing outside, I decided it was way too cold to finish my 60 mins, so I got inside on the trainer and watched last weeks episode of Lost. It was a good workout. I’ve been having some pain on the outside of my left knee and the biking definitely aggravated it. When I go to spin class tomorrow, I think I’ll skip the out of the seat climbs until this pain subsides. All of the sudden I feel like I am falling apart!

On a positive note, I am down a few lbs, despite eating my brains out on Easter and not working out much last week. I also decided I need some new clothes. So, I have a birthday party and a baby shower coming up and I am going shopping. Woohoo. I actually hate to shop, but love new clothes. I will hit TJ Maxx on lunch one day this week. I love that store.


RunnerGirl said...

Have fun shopping!

Running on Something said...

nice job on the new clips!

Brian said...

I fell on my stationary bike (bike on the trainer) last night, so don't feel bad. It's just more embarrassing outside when there are people around.

CJ said...

Good luck with the clipless pedals and masters swimming! I know I was petrified the first time I rode with clipless pedals, and I'm pretty sure I fell about 5 times during that ride! Once you get used to them, though, you will never want to go back.

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