Wednesday, March 5, 2008
I am just about sick, well not just about, I AM sick of this winter. I am so over the cold and the ice and the snow. The roads this morning were horrendous when I left my house at 5:20 am to make the 6am spinning class. I have been bad about biking the last 3 weeks and plan to get back into it with 2-3 spin classes a week. So, I went to spin class and it was good and it took me forever to get home from the gym so I had to rush rush to get ready b/c I knew the commute to work was going to bite. I carpool with a lady on Tues/Thurs and she called to see if I just wanted her to pick me up since she was already on her way to work and the roads were so bad and I was so happy to get that phone call as now I didn’t have to drive in this muck again! So, after getting ready for work in 15 mins, yeah I look awesome today, but hey at least I showered, our normal 25 mins commute became more like 45 mins. But all in all I guess that’s not so bad, but I really wish I had just stayed in bed today.


Brian said...

If you look 'awesome' today why not post a pic so we can all either agree or maybe bite our tongue. :)

Supalinds said...

I hear ya, winter be gone.

triguyjt said...

i'm with brian...kinda like the voting process...
we could get our ballots and go into little booth with curtains and vote yes or no on the "awesome" angle....

we would be asked to declare our party.....and we would say...yes
..we party

TrainingtoTri said...

believe me no one is seeing a picture of me today, that's for sure

Kim said...

I saw on Fox8 that there was a buzzard sighting, and the buzzard should be back in Hinckley soon, a sure sign of spring! Hang in there!

RunnerGirl said...

Just say the pictures of your dogs. They're so cute, what kind are they?

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