Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just a Short Run 30K

I got up at 4:45 am this morning. I actually felt good when I woke up and had no issues shaking off the sleep.I met Beth at 5:15 and we were on the road. The trip there was pretty uneventful and took us about 1:50. We found the park no problem and got a really lucky front row parking spot in a lot right across from the start. We got the last place in the lot, so that was cool. I had checked the weather and it was supposed to be 32ish at the start, but it was FREEZING. Both Beth and I were contemplating what we should wear. It was way colder than I expected. I ended up running in my pants (thank goodness right), a fitted tank top with a long sleeve tech shirt over it and then my vest, ear band and gloves. IT ended up warming up quite a bit and turned into a gorgeous day. We got signed in and got our numbers, etc. For doing this race, you get shorts, get it, just a short run. They were nice Brooks shorts and were maroon. I had also paid extra for a tech tee, but it was an enormous small!

Beth and I decided to run to warm up since we had some time. WE managed to do 2 miles. Then it was 8:30 and time to go! There was a 5K, HM and 30K. The 30Kers started a half mile up the road from everyone else. Then we ran the 5K course which had a monster hill, that killed me, but I got up it and back down and all the sudden we were running back by the start and getting ready for the 3 - 5 mile loops. This race took place in a park, so it was very scenic. There were over a 1000 people, so there were folks around me for a lot of the race. I did the first 5 mile loop with very little problem, I felt good and ran anywhere from 8:30 to 9:30, there were 3 rolling hills on the loop. Once I started the second loop, around mile 9 my stomach really started to bother me. That's my running curse. I had taken in 1 gel and a few short blocks, they had them on the course. I decided to just slow down and try to run through it and after awhile it calmed down. Around mile 11-13 is kicked in again and then around mile 16. But I managed to run through it and didn't stop to go to the bathroom, which is actually a big accomplishment for me! Aside from the stomach I ran strong until mile 14 (which was really 16 b/c of the warm up) my hamstring and feet were just killing me, I wanted to be done. I started walking the water stops and slowed down quite a bit. By the time I took the final turn I was so ready to be done. I kicked it up a notch for the last 1 mile. I finished in 2:59:30. So, under 3 hours, which was m secret goal. I ran it all in around a 9:30 pace, but there was a good chunk ran around 8:45-9, I just slowed down with belly problems, etc. I was surprised my feet bothered me so badly. I can't say I feel super confident for the marathon at this point. But I am on target to finish around 4:20 which is my goal. Oh yeah, I forgot to say the race course was long today. Both Beth and I had 18.8ish on our garmins. And Ms. Beth got 1st place in her age group with an awesome time of 2:38 and change. I was so happy for her.

At the end of the race, if you were still there they had a bunch of raffles. Not many people were there, so the odds were good, but I didn't win anything. They raffled off a bunch of running painting and a vacation to ocean city. At the end they did give away the rest of the tech tees, which were XLs, but I grabbed 2 for Gary. Then stocked up on the leftover fruit and chips. I came home with some serious swag.

I am very worn out. Gary is at his dads, but should be home soon. I think we'll go see a movie tonight. Tomorrow I need to swim and bike. fun, fun. And if it stays this nice, I'll need to do yard work.


tracie said...

great job lady!!! glad things went well and you broke your (secrete) goal!

chill out tonight and rest up. :)

Tri to Be Funny said...

Congrats on hitting your goal!! Sounds like a well-run race (except for those tummy issues!)

Brian said...

And you still have energy to blog. Nice job.

DaisyDuc said...

Congrats on the hitting your secret goal!!! Rest up chica. I always try to give myself the day to rest and refuel after those long efforts to try to stay healthy!

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