Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shitty swim (mmmm baby ruth)

I had a pretty shitty swim last night. Just one of those swims where it's like you've never been in the pool before. Granted, I'd only been in the pool once in the last 2 weeks and the water was 83! I decided during this shitty swim that I need to work on swimming consistently 3 times a week then move on to masters. SO, I am going to delay my masters class attending for another month.

This morning I had a good spin class. The Wed teacher Rich had a good course for us, one giant hill then little tiny zipper hills. I was feeling pretty spent by the end of class. Tonight I might hit the pool again to try and redeem myself a bit! Or I might just take a short run or maybe do my yoga dvd. Gosh, the options are endless :) All I know is I cannot wait for 5:00. Work is really trying to say the least right now. I don't want to write about work on my blog b/c I'm not stupid and I know at least one co-worker who reads this thing! So, I'll just leave it at that, work is very trying right now. Sigh.


triguyjt said...

man, wasn't that fog crazy the other morning????

good luck in the swim...

RunnerGirl said...

I'm so impressed with your twice daily workouts! I really need to start adding in morning workouts, but I already get up for work at 5:30. I'm just not sure I can do any earlier!

TriGirl 40 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

To be honest, I thought this post was heading down a more unusual path...

But I look forward to reading more of your training adventures.

GP said...

Shitty swims are just part of the landscape. I used to go from 6,000-yard swims to days when I could hardly muster 200 yards. But I'm glad that you have a good attitude about it! Keep it up!

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