Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Swimming wears me out

Soooo after all after all the nervousness and fretting, I get to Hathway Browne and everything is dark, no cars in the parking lot. Spring Break! Didn't even think about that. But I was a good little trooper and headed over to the JCC and did the workout that was on my training plan - WU: 200 x kick, 200X swim, 200X pull, 200X swim
Main - 1500 swim
CD: 200 swim, each 50 slower than the previous

It was a tough workout, I started to really want to be done around 1000 yards of the main set. My upper body was getting fatigued, but I completed it. Due to time constraints (male only swims for the hasidic jewish males at 8:30 on Tues/Thurs) I wore my flippers for the majority of the main set. I don't know if I get as much benefit that way, but I was exhausted. I feel fine swimming with my fins and pull buoy, but seem to really suck when I am doing freestyle minus any tools. It stinks, I hope I can pull it together quickly. I am now doubting the whole master's swim. Maybe I should swim 3 days a week on my own for 1 month and then try masters. My real fear is that I can only swim 100 yards straight, I need to rest in between and I don't know if that's okay at these master's practices.

I was BEAT when I got home, just absolutely rung through the ringer like I had run 15 miles or something. I was asleep by 10 and when the alarm went off at 5:15, I was so not ready to get up! But I did and I am proud of myself, as I have been struggling with that. I dragged my ass to the gym and did the 6 am spin class. It was tough. Usually Rich runs a very complicated spin class, but today it was simple, we would cycle through the 3 spin positions (seated, standing and then agressive leaned forward with your butt back close to the seat), and we would do 1 min each position, then 2 mins, then 3 minutes and then we did that twice and increased our tension as we went along. For the last set I was really struggling. Some vocal annoying ladies in class told him they hated it and it was boring when he asked their opinion. But I piped up that I LOVED it and so did another girl. I much prefer Rich's cycle specific spin classes to aerobics on the bike. I didn't get my run in yesterday due to rain after work, so I have to do 2-3 miles after work today. I am also meeting a friend for dinner right after work. That should be fun, we're going to Hoggy's, I love BBQ.

I am sitting at my house waiting for a plumber to come and finish a job they started yesterday. They are supposed to be here at 9, I hope they aren't too late, I have a 10:30 meeting at work that I really can't miss.

Have a great spring day bloggy friends.


Running on Something said...

nice job on the swimming. keep plugging away - and you'll be amazed at how much and how quickly you can improve!

Brian said...

Your main set was just swimming for 1500? Ohh. That is so boring. You need to break that up into 100's or something. Take a look at I just started using it, but it's very cool.

Supalinds said...

Uggghhh...way to get it done!!

triguyjt said...

way to get up for the spin after the swimming kicked your fanny....

Dan Seifring said...

Great swim Monica. Your an inspiration.

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