Monday, March 31, 2008
This is a rest week, gotta love those. I only have to run 23 miles, nice. I don’t even want to say it…I’m sick. I know you guys probably think I’m crazy, I’m always sick! I have always been the type to be the first to catch a cold if it’s going around, but this winter has been ridiculous, just crazy. Every time I run over 15 miles, I am sick 2 days later. What the F is that? I take my vitamins. Does anyone else always have an immune breakdown following long runs? Maybe it’s just that I’ve been working out 7-10 hours a week all year whereas before I probably worked out 7 -8? But then again, I have had a rest day every week and some weeks 2 rest days and there were 2 weeks where I almost did nothing. So, it’s not like I am overworking my body. Sigh. Today I am sick to my stomach. I think I actually ate something that didn’t agree with me and I was so close to not coming to work, but I am off a ½ day on Thurs and all day Friday, so I couldn’t really call in. But my throat and head are hurting too. I wonder if running in cold weather is the culprit. I have got to find a good immune system booster and start taking it. I already take a multi vitamin, Glucosamine, Fish oil, Chromium, vitamin C and calcium thought. I need another pill like I need another hole in my head. Come on spring, where are you? My body is beat down today though. I ran 21 miles on Sat, then yesterday I had a nice 1350 swim. It went pretty darn well. I did the following:

WU: 1 x 400, 50 of each 100 was kick
Main: 1 x 800 (each 100 being 25 easy, 25 build, 25 hard, 25 easy)
CD: 6 x 25 (each 25 slower than the last)

I felt pretty fluid in the water and seemed more in place that I have lately. I was tired though after about 1000 yards and ready to be done. After that G and I went to the Bike Authority. He needed to get his seat adjusted. From there we headed to the towpath in Valley View. There is a section that is paved and we rode towards Harvard Road. It was a gorgeous day out and we took it easy, but the crosswinds were crazy and we found ourselves working hella hard to get back to our car. We ended up only riding 13.5 miles in an hour, but that was fine by me. The rest of the day was pretty lazy, lots of laying around and reading and watching Rock of Love. Goooo Ambre.


Tri to Be Funny said...

I know what you mean about the "sick" thing. I feel like I've been more sick this year than ever before! It's definitely a case of pushing your body to new limits. Plus, it's never easy to train in winter!! (no matter where you live)

Patricio said...

Sounds like you are doing and taking the right things... It could be mental too... the weather never helps.. I am SICK of the weather here too... at least it's not THAT cold but it's been raining a lot. Have you thought about seeing a doctor just for a regular check up and make sure things are ok? just a thought!
Good luck!

B Bop said...

My immune system is my #1 indicator that I'm reaching my limits. If I start to get cold symptoms I back off a little bit for 2 or 3 weeks and add mileage very slowly.

I just read an article in running times w/ Jack Daniels where he advocated increasing mileage once per month as opposed to every week (3 weeks same mileage and 1 recovery week then add mileage). He theorized that when adding mileage every week (even if it's only 10%) that the body never is able to get "comfortable" and properly adapt to the stress it is under.

B Bop said...

oh...and I like grapefruit seed extract for immune building (it's loaded with bioflavonoids). I'll take it at the first sign of any cold symptoms and often after my long work outs as a preventative.

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