Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Still feeling pretty icky today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I made a doctor's appointment for next week to get some blood drawn. I cannot even tell you how afraid I am of needles and giving blood, but I feel like I need to have everything checked out. Maybe I'm anemic? Maybe I have mono? You just never know. My mom has fibromyalgia and prenicious anemia, neither of which have proven to be hereditary, but since I have been such a sickly person my whole life it always sticks in the back of my head that I may end up with some randomn auto immune disorder. It's the hypochondriac in me. My teeth hurt from the zinc cough drops I have been chowing on for 2 days. I know i'll be better tomorrow, I think this cold should be on it's way out. Tomorrow Gina and I are meeting up to run 8 miles, I am looking forward to that. I hope the weather behaves. Tonight I need to swim and either bike or run. I was going to run this morning, but it was raining, so I went back to bed. Hey it is a rest week!

Last night G and I went and saw Stop Loss. It was pretty good. A little too mtv music videoish, and I hated the female leads acting, but Ryan Phillpe did really well. Overall I'd give it 2.5/4 stars.


Brian said...

You big sissy. Getting blood drawn is one small needle and usually takes like 30 seconds. Just turn the other way when they stick you.

The question is, if they determine you have mono or something, do you take the time off at this point or wait?

Running on Something said...

there was an article in runners world a few months back - talking about how in the winter months your immune system is way more susceptible after long runs. I'll have to find out what month it was in. i want to say december - b/c i read it after i got a terrible stomach flu after one of my long runs. it was a run where i did not get out of my wet clothes soon enough - and didn't drink hot water like i usually do - also didn't hydrate enough. now i drink lots of hot waters to get my body temp back up - and that seems to help. hang in there - hope you feel better soon!

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