Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am a Master Swimmer! Well sort of...

Soooooooo I went to my first master’s swim at Hathaway Browne last night! And….there were only 3 people counting me, so it’s not much of a master’s swim. But my oh my the pool is to die for. It’s huge and so blue and clean and the ceiling is so high and the building is glass, it’s just a gorgeous natatorium. I am so jealous that people get to go to a high school like this. The water was actually cold! And you know what, I didn’t get nearly as fatigued. The water at the JCC is like a bathtub and the pool is so dingy compared to this place. Although there are so few people, I think it’ll be worth $10 a week to swim twice at HB until the end of May when the school closes. By then maybe I will feel comfortable doing actual workouts written on a board and comfortable with swimming by the clock, etc and ready to move to a “real” master’s swim. Supposedly there is some outdoor pool in my area that everyone goes to in the morning for a master’s swim, I need to do some research into that. But the gal in charge of the HB master’s was nice and gave me some good tips. I ended up swimming 2700 yards (out of the 3500 that were on the board, but I started a few mins late and talked to the coach a few times, so I think I could have at least gotten 3200 if I swam the whole 1:15). I only used my fins for 300 yards! So, I am happy. I will go again on Thurs. If anyone on the East side is looking for a place to swim, come join me! 7:30-8:45 on Tu/Th.

I was going to go to spinning this morning, but my knee really hurts. I have to do 20 miles this Sat and that is what is most important this week, so I skipped spinning and did some light weights. Tonight I’ll do an easy spin on the trainer for 30-45 mins. Tomorrow I need to run 5 miles, Friday will probably be a rest day and then Sat I will be running 10 of the 20 miles with my sister in law. Then we are hitting the maple festival in Chardon and I have a fundraiser for Shar Pei Savers and a birthday party Sat night. I am going to be exhausted.


Papa Louie said...

Congratulations master swimmer. Sounds like a good swimming experience at HB.
Good luck with your 20 miler.

Patricio said...

I would love to join you guys... where I swim (Gold's Gym).. it's just me and .... not a soul more...
Hope the knee feels better.

Steve Stenzel said...

Take it easy on that knee!

And "natatorium" always makes me giggle. Just like "fartlek"... Sorry I'm so immature.

Running on Something said...

nice job on the swimming! You are going to be a swimming machine before you know it! Hope your knee gets better soon. What type of clips did you say that you bought? - i really need to bite the bullet and bought some - but it sounds like you aren't real happy with yours...

triguyjt said...

i have heard how great thta pool is..

good for masters swimmer

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