Monday, April 28, 2008
It’s over Johnny. No marathon for me, I have made up my mind. My right foot just hurts too bad. It hurts to stand on it, it hurts to walk on it, it will hurt badly after 4.5 hours of running. So, I am bailing, think what you will. I have a long summer ahead of me and want to be in tip top shape, more than I want to run a bad marathon. So, I am happy with my decision and have come to peace with it. I went out for a 3 mile run this weekend and it was brutal, that solidified it. I am going to take another full week off of running and ice and ibuprofen like mad. I need to call and make an appt with the physical therapist. Get the exercises and try to do those a few times.

G and I had such a nice weekend. Friday night we went to dinner at the new Pub on Lee. It wasn’t very good, but I had a yummy Sam Adams white ale. Then we watched “Reign Over Me”, which I liked, but G didn’t. Sat we got up early and had to take the dogs to the vet for some vaccinations. They were good boys and got lots of cuddles and oh my your dogs are so cutes. They have such big heads over all the flattery they get when they go out. Then G and I headed to the West Side market, which I always enjoy. Except for the people who insist on having strollers in there; there’s just not enough room. We got all kinds of fruits and veggies, some apple smoked turkey breast, monkfish, salmon and bone in chicken breast. It was fun. When we got home we took the dogs for a walk and then I went and met Sara for a movie. We saw “Baby Mamma” and we both loved it. I wish they hadn’t given it such a stupid name, it was a great movie. I heart Tina Fey and Amy Poehler big time. From there I went home and enjoyed the nice day on the porch with the dogs and read a little, then went for the bad 3 mile run. G made us a yummy dinner of monkfish, salmon, asparagus, squash and garlic bread, all done on the grill. We cracked open a bottle of Conundrum wine that we got for Xmas and had a really nice dinner. It was my cheat meal for the week and we got some ice cream afterwards. I was good though, I got sorbet, no dairy for me. We finished off the bottle, so I was a little tipsy. We decided to watch yet another movie. We have had the same 3 movies from Netflix forever, so it’s time to send them back. We watched “The Invisible” which may be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Truly horrible.

Sunday we slept later than we meant too since we were both a little hungover. Aren’t we light weights! 1 bottle of wine and we’re down for the count. But we did manage to roll out of bed during the 9:00 hour and get setup for a bike trip. We headed to Rocky River and rode from the Marina down to Mill Creek Reservation in Strongsville and back. All in all the trip was 45 miles. Mostly flat, but there were a few good hills involved. We ran out of water at about mile 22 and couldn’t find a water fountain that was working. They were all turned off. We finally found one, but the water was disgusting, plain nasty. So, I barely drank on the way back. Not a good move. On the ride I had 2 accelgels, a bite of cliff bar, and half a pack of shot blocks. I need to take some liquid calories next time. Learning to eat like 600 calories on the bike for my HIM is going to be tough. I think I will install one of those behind the seat water bottle holders so I have more room. I have 2 holders now, but one has a water bottle that I use to hold my stuff. I guess if I get a bento box I won’t need that. After the ride I was thoroughly pissed off at my pedals. I just can’t get them facing the correct way to clip back in when I get started and they are super slippery so I end up ramming my foot down and slipping off and hurting myself. So, after the ride we headed for the bike authority and I got some speedplay pedals. I am going to try them out tonight on the trainer. Maybe an easy 10 miler to loosen up my legs.

I am heading to a b-day party after work at McCormick’s and Schmidt’s, I love that place. The diet is going well. I didn’t log very accurately this weekend and I need to work on that in the coming weekends, but I am down 2 lbs so far. Probably some water weight, but a pound is a pound. 8 more to go.


trishie said...

Hey Mon!

I'm doing the Annapolis Olympic Distance Tri in September -- any suggestions on a training program?


B Bop said...

Sounds like a wise decision to scrap the pig. You've got plenty of time before GCT and have a great running base built up so rest up and get used to them new speedplay's.

So.....if G's putting in 45 mile rides, does this mean I'll be seeing him out @ the races soon? Maybe a duathlon??

cdnhollywood said...

Smart move on cutting the marathon. You'll get better and stronger because of it, and you'll be able to use your foot for the rest of your life.

TrainingtoTri said...

Hey Trish - check out the plans on or the book 12 week Triathlete - by Tom Holland. I like his plans

trishie said...

Mon, what's your email addy? I thought I had it, but the one I have is no good.

TrainingtoTri said...

allanjel said...

I think you made a good choice. Those rough patches do seem to rear their ugly heads, but there will be a time when you will have those perfect moments and it will all come together. Your time in the sun will come...just don't give up or lose hope :) I know it's right around the corner for you.

Tri to Be Funny said...

Hey lightweight! Glad you're at peace with a very wise decision. Remember, the only person who is judging you is YOU. You've made a wise choice so that you can rock the HALF IM.

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love that it involved some relaxation, drinking, good eats AND some exercise.

triguyjt said...

Good for you that your leaving the Pig on the spigot and not competing...just get better with that and everything will be much much better.

I love the west side market. My daughter is a chef and she hits that place almost every day...knows all the vendors...its a hoot visting there with her.

I did the water thing a week ago. forgot all the fountains were out at north chagrin..bad, even on my long runs, I just do certain loops about 45 mins each so I can down some liquid..

Brendan said...

Hey Monica - ditto everyone else - probably a good decision to skip the pig - I need to get to your space where you're at peace with it. I'm still deciding - will wait till wednesday, but hopefully I can be "at peace" too.

By the way - Reign over Me is a great movie.

And 45 miles!? My physical therapist wouldn't approve - she actually knows one of my neighbors and on my first appointment with her, she told me that by talking with my neighbor, she heard I might be OVERtraining! I'm just following my marathon schedule - not trying for a HIM too! ;) Gotta love little neighborhoods though. I had another neighbor tell me she heard i bought a Home Run pizza at the grocery store! Another neighbor busted me - but in all fairness, I ran 22 miles that morning and I figure I can eat whatever I want after that.

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