Wednesday, April 23, 2008

monica on a diet

Oh I wish it was Friday I want to talk to the doctor. Although in my head I’ve already resolved that I won’t do the race. My feet hurt this morning at spin class when I was standing out of the saddle! So, while cortisone shot may get me through the race, as so many have pointed out it’s just a band aid. And I read up on thread on the runners world forum on PF and one guy got a cortisone shot and ran a half mary and then ruptured his fascia and was out a whole year! That is what I absolutely am afraid of with running this race. But again, I will leave it to the experts and discuss with Dr Shah at 1 on Friday, stay tuned.

Yesterday I came across the bodpod reading I had done last April, a few weeks before the Cleveland marathon. For those of you who don’t know, the bod pod is a little egg like chamber you sit in, and they suck all the air out (you breath through a tube) and take your body fat reading, it’s supposed to be as accurate as the dunk test, way more accurate than calipers or those stupid biopedence scaled and handhelds. Well, the bodpod reading was shocking. I was 1 percent under overweight. Totally unacceptable for someone who could run 26 miles. I chocked it up to the fact that I had basically only been running and not doing much with weights. Well, so I found that reading and looked at my weight. My weight is higher now by 2 lbs and so is my gut and my thighs b/c none of my pants fit. I don’t work out, I train, I am an athlete gosh darn it and I deserve to have the body of one. So, anyway, the whole point of this was I sat around and felt sorry for myself yesterday and blew off my swim class and ate a bunch of stupid stuff. But I got signed back up on sparks people and I measured out all my food for today and I am back to logging my food, there is no other way. And I can't help but think if I had been 10-15 lbs lighter, maybe my feet wouldn't have gotten so jacked up. So, monica is officially on a diet and a reward based one at that (STOP READING NOW GARY)! I have 10 total lbs to lose. For every lb that I lose that stays off for 2 weeks I get a little present, something off of etsy, or a new workout shirt. Something under $20. At the 5lb mark I get a pedicure or massage and once at goal I will get something good good, not sure what yet (thinking a trisuit). That’s the plan anyway. I will be back to my fighting weight by the HIM. Hopefully way before that. Honestly if I buckle down, I am confident I can be back under 130 by my birthday on June 25th. I have been eating like a crazy woman all winter, lots of desserts. If I can watch my carbs just a little and cut out the junk I should be able to peel off the pounds. I cannot believe in a whole year I never lose any of the lbs. Obviously I do something wrong with my food, it’s not an issue with burning enough calories. So, I just need to pay close attention and clean up my diet, the easiest way to do that is to focus on whole foods. Anyone want to join me in a weight loss challenge?

So since i am on a diet and we just happen to have a cake celebration at work today, I stayed away like a good girl. I will indluge in a dessert as soon as 3 lbs are off. This picture sums up how i feel about missing the yummy cake:

On another note, I put my HIM plan into a calendar yesterday and printed it out and put it up everywhere. I am so excited to start that plan on 5/18. I am thinking if the marathon is a no go, I will just not run until the 18th. Hopefully that will be long enough. Once I know for sure it’s PF, I am going to go buy one of those socks. I wonder if I will have to get orthodics, those puppies are expensive!


Patricio said...

Exciting times... start a new plan... and for a HIM! Awesome!

someday tri said...

Not that it's ever fun to be injured and have to miss a race, but seems like the timing could work out perfectly -- a few weeks to focus on the new food goals, then dive into the HIM adventure feeling great. Fresh new beginnings all around!

Joshua Middleton said...

I'm glad you're not doing the marathon. It sounds like you're giving your body a good beating with all that running and pushing yourself. Your poor feet. I guess it's all a part of it, though. I'm not a marathoner and can't understand it all. I do believe you should take care of your feet. You'll have them for a long time and you want to make sure they're working right!

TriSaraTops said...

I think you are doing the right thing by not running the marathon. I had a friend in a similar situation--she got the cortisone shot, ran it, and then was OUT FOR A YEAR. Ugh.

Would love to go for a ride sometime! Yeah, right now I'm hovering between 16-18 and haven't gone farther than 25 miles outside in a looooong time, so I'd love to hit the road with ya. Drop me an email at saraziemnik at earthlink dot net anytime!

tracie said...

*hugs* you'll make it! you are one of the most determined people i know!!!

i'm going to start tracking again on spark people so maybe we can keep each other in check to make sure that we actually keep track???

Tri to Be Funny said...

I've spent the last week in post-race gluttony and I'm also ready to focus again on my nutrition! For me, it's definitely cutting back on portion size and desserts!

solarsquirrel said...

Hey girl - I'm catching up on my blog reading. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot - but honestly, road running is terrible on your body. I doubt I'll ever do a marathon on the road just because I know how bad it is on your joints, etc. You need to get more into TRAILS!!!! Kudos on your diet, too. You and I can do it! So far so good for me, too!

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