Friday, April 18, 2008


Let me tell you. Swimming wears me out! When I got home from work yesterday I took the dogs for a 2 mile walk and then ran 3.5. The run felt awful and I fought with myself the whole time. I hate runs like that. How the hell can I run 20 miles one day and struggle with a short tempo run another? I am not looking to forward to my marathon right about now. Obviously I am psyching myself out, and I am trying to stop. Maybe a nice easy 12 miler this weekend will get my confidence back up. Maybe. After the running/walking I hit Master’s swim. But from the start I was really dragging and my form wasn’t so great so I wore my fins for a lot of the swim, but managed to get in a little over 2000 yards. There were like 6 people, which I guess is a big crowd for HB. I can’t believe more people don’t come to HB, everyone goes to Shaker. The pool at Shaker isn’t that nice, the one at HB is really nice. But anyway I got through the swim as best I could. I had every plan of going to spinning this morning, but when the alarm went off I woke up and had the awful really tired I just ran a marathon feeling and rolled back over and went to sleep. So, obviously master’s swimming is really pushing my limits. Which is good, but messes up my morning workouts. I’ll still workout tonight, but I much prefer getting it done in the morning. There are only 6 more weeks of master’s swims, once school close they don’t have them around me anywhere that I know of besides CSU which isn’t very convenient. So, I will stick with HB. I wish I had been doing these swims since last Nov when I first looked into it, I was too chicken. I would be one badass swimmer by now.

My mom was supposed to come visit this weekend but that fell through, which is fine. But now I find myself with no plans for the weekend. I cannot tell you the last time I didn’t have my weekend booked up solid. It’s kind of exciting. Well, truthfully we have a b-day party on Sat night and Sunday morning I am volunteering for Beth at some HM in Elyria for NCN. But aside from that no plans, no planned workouts with people. I need to do 12 miles at some point and if the weather is nice G and I will ride bikes. I might even do the 12 miler after work tonight and get it out of the way! I think I might just sleep in on Sat. Crazy.


cdnhollywood said...

Regarding the "whipped after masters" bit, let me offer two recommendations:
[1] Skip the fins. You'll end up relying more on upper body for propulsion than lower body, and save the legs and lower core for the bike/run stuff.
[2] Back off the swims a wee bit and make sure to hit the morning workouts. It'll only be hard the first few times (like bricks are).

allanjel said...

Rumor has it, when on taper you are supposed to feel tight, tweaked, etc...STAY POSITIVE!!

I'm going to try to ride the bike w/ the motor today and hit a nice ride maybe tomorrow w/ the manually operated one in the afternoon ( I was thinking to Chagrin or Aurora - if you're interested)

tracie said...

go master swimmer!!!!

Joshua Middleton said...

Sounds nice. Make the most of it!

Christine said...

I wish Masters wasn't so expensive here. Or I wish I made money...instead of continuously borrowing money (school loans). Great job! I'm attempting a bike ride in clips today..I'll be thinking of you. Hopefully I dont fall!

triguyjt said...

think about how far you have come...
really.. you are really kicking butt...
you'll do really well in the pig....


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