Tuesday, April 29, 2008
I'm in a bit of a funk. This whole thing with my foot, family stuff, work et al. It's just a lot of stress right now. I find myself really missing my dad lately and that's just been really hard. Some days I'm fine and some days I just want to crawl under the covers. When I went to see Dr. Shah, I was a new patient so I had to fill out forms about my family history and I had to put a check mark next to deceased for my dad. It was just so surreal. It's all so unfair, but such is life. Everyone loses their parents, but I really thought I had a long time left with him and regret many, many things. But so did he I'm sure. I am going home this weekend since I won't be doing the Pig. Every time I go home it's like pulling a scab off of a wound. I am able to forget about it up here, I am able to pretend like he's just a phone call away and my mother is not wandering around her house at all hours of night, crying herself to sleep. Well, I am probably writing way too much for a triathlon journal and getting a bit too personal. So, I'll stop. But the whole point is that I am in a funk. And when I am in a funk, I don't want to work out and unfortunately that just makes me feel worse. I have given myself permission to take it easy this week. I skipped my workout today, which I probably shouldn't, but I did. Tomorrow I will hit spinning, Thurs I will swim and Fri I will spin again and then head home where I'll probably not do much. When I get back on Monday, it's back to the grindstone and hopefully I'll be able to give running a shot. Although my foot really hurts and the pain is traveling up my calve. Fun times. So I am going to shake off this funk and be back to fun blogging next week.


GP said...

Obviously I'm not glad you're missing the Pig, but I'm pleased to hear you visited the doctor, got a diagnosis and will be recovered in no time.

More than all that, however, I'm sorry that you're having a tough time. We're all friends in blogginess, and we're hear to listen to whatever is on your mind.

Whether or not you're running when you come back, I'd love to get out with you... even if it's for a walk, short jaunt, maybe even a swim! Just take it easy on yourself and take care.

someday tri said...

Sorry you're in a funk.

I just mentioned my mom's death in my blog tonight, and it felt weird -- like it happened a million years ago and yesterday at the same time (it was 11 years ago). I wish I had some great advice for getting through the sadness about your dad, but I will say: keep going home, keep pulling that scab off.

Feel better soon, all around.

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