Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sunny Tuesday

Last night after work we headed out on our bikes again. 2 days in a row! I am so glad spring is here. We rode about 14 miles. For those familiar with Cleveland Heights, we rode up Shaker Blvd to SOM Center and back. Anyone who knows the area knows that it is hill after hill. Riding indoors all winter surely kept me fit, but I was struggling on those hills! But we made it. I have to admit that I am just a nervous wreck on my bike now. I HATE being clipped in. I am fine when I am moving, but every time I stop I almost bite it. It’s not a matter of getting unclipped. I can do that no problem. I unclip a few hundred feet before I even have to and either pedal slowly with one leg or keep my foot on the pedal. But when I come to a stop I just can’t seem to keep it all together. I’ve only fallen once so far, but almost did 3 times yesterday, I’ve lost all confidence. I can’t quite figure out where to have my left leg while I bring my right leg down. Gary had his left leg bent and then supports himself on his right. I seem to want to have both of my legs straight and I really need to come forward and out of the seat to stop. But then as I stand there I HATE having my right foot clipped in, it feels funky and makes me lose my balance. I can’t imagine if I was out riding 60 miles that I would feel very secure on my fatigued right leg. I’d almost rather pull both feet out and reclip, but that seems excessive. Also, when I get started again I can’t seem to get my right foot clipped back in very quickly. I wish now that I had gone with the speedplay instead of the look pedals. I chose the look pedals b/c they have more of a platform so I thought I could pedal with my foot unclipped, which I can. But the speedplay you can clip in on either side, so you are not searching for the right direction to get your foot in. Anyway, it’s all very unnerving and like I said – I HATE it. But I’m sure over time it’ll become second nature, but I just feel scared the whole time I ride now. But I recall when I first started riding a road bike last June being really scared and by the end of the year I was comfortable on it, so hopefully by the HIM I will be more of a daredevil. I think about riding with group though and I don’t know if I feel like I could do that right now. My left knee that I fell on Sunday is sore today. I have a circle of road rash and a big blue bruise, but now the actual knee aches. Boo.

This morning I met Brock and we ran about 5 miles. My garmin had a low battery so for the first time in forever I didn’t know my pace. It felt naked. I know I rely on the watch way too much. My HIM plan is all time training and that is going to be a BIG change for me. I have always trained by miles, so I am looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zones. I am really starting to be ready for the marathon to be over. I want to get more involved in my cross training. Secretly in the back of my mind I feel like the HIM training will help me finally lose these last 10 lbs; which is probably why I am so excited. But I really bet it does. Less mileage, faster running, a LOT more biking, more consistent swimming has got to equal a few lbs lost. Plus nicer weather means longer dog walks too. They have been like bad little kids since it got warm out, not wanting to come in from outside, pulls horribly on their walks. My babies have spring fever! Me too! Me too!


YorktownRunner said...

Unclip both feet, it's really not that big a deal. After you have stopped then you can clip your left leg back in while you are waiting for traffic. I do this all the time. Sometimes when I am waiting for a light and I know that it's going to be a while, I want to stand on both feet and stretch a little while. Hope this works.

triguyjt said...

about the moment you had low batter and no garmin...

relish that moment. I know you like to know your pace, etc..and thats cool. But, you may find out some of your best runs will be those where you are running, carefree...long slow distance. I know pace has its place. I know intervals are important. I just enjoy going out and running a long distance and not worrying about anything..just getting the miles in and enjoying.

good luck with the clips, kiddo

Brian said...

I have look and am about to upgrade to speedplay. You'll learn, it just takes time. Make them really loose until you get the hang of it. Clip ins are sooo much better then toe clips or nothing especially on the longer rides.

DaisyDuc said...

You will get the clips mastered in no time. I never think about it. I have the speedplays and like them. I just have to be caredul to not get too much dirt in my shoes as sometimes they are so caked with crap I can't clip in (which leads to me really having to bang my shoes out).

I am tenatively planning on spin class at 6AM.

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