Wednesday, April 2, 2008

30 days and counting

Had a good workout last night. I hit the pool planning on a 2500 yard workout, but after about 1000 my stroke went to shit, so I did 1600 and called it a day. The pool was super warm and the air temp was 83! Crazy. It feels like FL at the JCC. They keep the pool way too hot. If you get near one of the jets, it feels like you are in a hot tub the water coming out is so hot. From there I went home and rode my bike for 10 miles while watching the Biggest Loser, that took 32 mins. Then I did some abs and push ups. My goal for April is to do at least 50 push ups and 100 crunches a day. I can do push ups and crunches anywhere, so there’s no excuse. My abs used to be in great shape and I have really neglected them, so I am looking forward to getting that undercover 6 pack back. It’s undercover b/c there is still fat over it! But it’s been there I just know it! Unfortunately I slept like shit for some reason last night and when my alarm went off for spin class at 5:15 I just couldn’t shake the sleep. I remember this is a rest week and decided to get more rest! Besides I have an 8 miler planned for after work today. Please weather gods cooperate! Tomorrow morning I am meeting Brock to run 3-5 miles, then if I can time it right I am going to hit the pool for another mile swim and go to work from there. Then I drive home tomorrow. I am looking forward to this weekend. Thurs evening and all day Friday I will be in KY with my family. Sat I have my dear friends baby shower in Indy and I will stay there with her Sat night and then drive home Sunday. It’ll be hard to get all my workouts in, but as long as I get my runs in I will be okay. Marathon is only 30 days away! Yikesssss!


Running on Something said...

30 days huh? it's a lot scarier when you put it that way. Oh - we are staying with steve's college friend and his wife in cinci - (they run the half every year) i might drive down a day or two early for work... not sure yet. i'll see if i can find out a good hotel for you to stay at... i always stay at the milenium for work -but that's b/c we've got some agreement with them...

Joshua Middleton said...

KY sounds fun. I think I'll be going for a visit around the first of May.

How is your Mom adjusting these days?? I think of her from time to time.

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